Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Emily Green-Unique Imagination

Mealtime is always more fun when you have fun plates, bowls, cups and mats!

Emily Green has come out with these ultra unique imagination mats. They have child-like paintings of animals, trucks and helicoptors on recycled vintage fabric, that is laminated. These mats are 11" x 17", which makes plenty of room for fun! Kids are encouraged to use their imagination and create their own artwork on the back of the mat, using Emily's doodle sticks.

Doodle sticks are completely washable and easily wipe of the mats with a damp towel. These markers will not rub off on clothing or little hands.

To go along with the imagination mats, are cups, bowls and plates...all having the same fun artwork on them. These plates are super durable and will not break when your little one throws them on the floor. They are the perfect size for your child as well. They are dishwasher safe, however, they are not microwave safe.

No More BPA!

Have you heard? Several baby bottle manufacturers have agreed to stop making bottles that contain BPA. Those are Avent, Disney First Years, Gerber, Dr. Brown, Playtex and Evenflo. Thank you to those companies!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Disposable Covers for Your Car Seat-Koveaz

Koveaz, these disposable car seat covers are great for a busy parent. Everyone knows that giving your little one snacks in the car can create a bit of a mess in the car seat. Even my little one manages to spill liquid out of her sippy cup. Koveaz are super absorbant, breathable and fire retardant and best of all...disposable. These car seat covers do not let any liquid penetrate through the unique material, keeping your car seat nice and clean. These are especially great for when you have a fun, yet super dirty, day at the park! You can put your little one in the car seat with no worries of having to struggle with taking the seat apart to wash it when you get home. Just take the disposable Koveaz off and toss it in the garbage! They are made to fit almost any car seat and have slots in them that allow for the straps to fit right through and still fit your little one nice and snug. I did find it a bit difficult to put the straps through, but once I got them through, everything else was a piece of cake. They come in various colors-in packs of 4 for $23.98. Check out Koveaz and make your day a little bit easier!

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