Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Triumph Advance Deluxe Convertible Car Seat

I know how frustrating it can be to search for a car seat for your child. There are so many questions that go through your mind...How can I find an affordable car seat that is also safe, Will that fit in my car, will there be one that matches my style, Is there a car seat out there that will accommodate my child for many years and be comfortable? I have the answer to all these questions...Evenflo. Evenflo offers many different car seats all with great ratings. The Triumph Advance Deluxe is super affordable and meets or exceeds the US Safety Standards. This seat is a bit large, but Evenflo offers many different options. If you want to find out specifics, visit www.carseatdata.org. The Triumph Advance is aesthetically pleasing, being offered in neutral tones, sure to match any style or car interior. And yes, this car seat is a huge money saver, accommodating children up to 50 lbs! With very plush upholstry (that is washable) and extra padding, your little one will surely be comfortable for all the years you use the Triumph Advance by Evenflo.

Let's talk facts:
  1. Uses the convenient latch system or belts
  2. Rear-facing 5-35 lbs
  3. Forward-facing 20-50 lbs
  4. Removeable body and infand head support pillows
  5. Multi position recline
  6. Easy to use knobs to tighten straps
  7. EPP energy absorbing foam liner
  8. Fold down cup holders
  9. Removeable, washable pads
  10. 2 buckle strap positions
  11. Meets US safety standards

I do have a few comments on these facts. I am so happy to finally have a carseat where the straps are easy to adjust. Having these knobs are so helpful, you don't have to struggle with straps. These are so easy to use, you can easily adjust the straps every time you put your little on into the Triumph Advance. The EPP energy absorbing foam is a great added feature. If you have ever been in an accident, you know how sore you are the next day. This foam helps absorb the jolting energy instead of it being transferred to your child. I love this! This car seat is all about accommodating the growing child, from the adjustable straps to the 2 buckle strap postions available, Evenflo helps parents save money without compromising safety! The one downside to this car seat, you definitely need the directions for this one. And to my dismay, the directions were extremely cryptic. However, once I figured those out, the installation was quick and painless. I think this is one compromise I am willing to make, so get out those reading glasses! I have found that Evenflo produces superior quality products and at great prices. You can find it at Babies R Us for about $150.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Germ Guardian-H2000 Humidifier

A revolution in Humidifiers! The Germ Guardian H2000, Manual Humidifier wins an A+ for its overall design and capabilities.

This energy efficient, near silent ultrasonic operation provides a unique environment for your little one, or for anyone in your house. This humidifier covers a space of up to 400 square feet, all the while being inconspicuous with its' attractive, well constructed retro design. The Germ Guardian H2000 has incorporated "nano silver techonolgy" into its products, which prevents bacteria and mold buildup in the tank, in turn, keeping bacteria out of the mist that surrounds your little one. On top of this great technology, there is no filter to replace. We love that you can adjust the amount of mist that is put out, along with the adjustmen of a warm mist or cool mist. You never have to worry about this H2000 continuing to run with an empty tank. Not only does it have an automatic shut off when the tank becomes empty, it has an LED indicator light to let you know when the water level is getting low. Unfortunately, this tank is pretty hard to fill. It's design is definitely for aesthetic reasons, which has made it a balancing act to fill. But, I guess sometimes you have to make sacrifices, this is the only downside to this great Humidifier by Germ Guardian.

You can check it out at the Germ Guardian website where you can purchase it for around $170. You can also find it at my Amazon Baby site link on this site, for about $150.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trebimbi Puppets Club, Children's Tableware

Is it hard to get your toddler to eat? Are you having a hard time finding safe, fun tableware for your child? Check out this great, BPA free set from Trebimbi, tableware for kids. This set is full of fun, including a plate, fork, knife, spoon, cup and egg/dipping cup. This set from Italy has all interlocking pieces with cute as can be, smiling puppet faces. It almost looks like the silverware pieces are holding hands. Everything then snaps on to the plate and cup for easy serving! There are an array of colorful choices to pick from, which will keep your toddler interested in what's on their plate. The best part, it is polypropylene free, which can be found in a lot of plastic ware for children.

Look for Trebimbi as a featured product in the coming weeks, complete with a discount code!

You can find this great product through the link on my site for Barebabies.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Amazon Products

I added a lot of new items to my Amazon store! Check them out. You can find all your baby needs as well as what Mommy and Daddy need too!

Walking Wings

My baby is not walking yet, but I have several friends who have little ones that are on their way to walking (or should I say "creating havoc around the house"?). So, this will be a different type of review, since I have not actually tried the product out myself. I often get input from many others when I talk about different products, however, this time I left the reviewing up to my friends.

I found this pretty unique item, called Walking Wings (recommended for babies 9+ months), created by UpSpring Baby. I was not really sure about this product, but the more I read about the more intrigued I became. These walking wings are an assistant to your child when learning to walk. There are several benefits to the Walking Wings:
  1. Your child experiences less falls
  2. They can balance more naturally with both hands free
  3. They will gain confidence and independance
  4. You will avoid backpain
  5. There is no tugging on your little one to keep them upright
How do these Walking Wings work? Well, they remind of the child "leash" you often see parents using for their toddlers when you are at a fair or the mall. The Walking Wings have a padded chest band that fits around your toddler's chest with velcro and a safety buckle. There are also shoulder straps that fit over your child. There are two adjustable, handle straps for the parent that extend from the top of the Walking Wings. Am I painting a good enough picture? Once the Walking Wings are securely on your little one, you can now provide extra support (by holding the handle straps-without bending over) while your child feels the freedom of walking on their own. If you are worried that your baby is too heavy for these Wings, don't worry, as long as the vest fits around your child's chest then you are good to go. "Straps hold up to 155 lbs and buckles hold up to 200 lbs. The seam strength testing comes in 10 times higher than the minimum weight requirement. The straps are connected to the vest inside and attached to a reinforced webbing material for additional fabric strength."

I had a couple friends try these out with their children, who are learning to walk. Both of them felt that the Walking Wings helped encourage their child to take their first steps without holding on to Mom. They felt that they were easy to put on, however, seemed to slip off over their child's head if the straps were not tight enough. They said it took a little getting used to, because all you want to do is grab your child's hands to help them! But after they got over their own fear of their little one taking a fall, they loved the Wings. Another great plus is that the Walking Wings are 100% cotton and machine washable! It also received the iParenting Media Award.

You can purchase the Walking Wings at Babies R Us for about $25! Check out the website, there is even a video to watch the Walking Wings in action.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pediped-A Shoe Worth Talking About

As I am sure most of you who read my blog, know that I love Pediped shoes! There are so many great aspects of these shoes. To start with, they have a wide selection for boys & girls, newborns & infants. These shoes are beautifully crafted and have a style to match any babies wardrobe.

Their slogan is "They are the next best thing to barefeet!" Your child will not feel like she has tight uncomfortable shoes on. They have soft, flexible soles that are foam padded. I wish they made these in adult sizes! Pedipeds are made with premium, non-toxic ECO grade leather. You can feel safe when your little one puts her feet in her mouth, the leather is non-toxic! They fasten with velcro, which makes them quick and easy to put on, with no laces to come untied so they stay on.

They are recommended by podiatrists. "Soft soled shoes provide the health benefit of being barefoot." Pediped also earned the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance.

You can find these beautiful, stylish, soft soled shoes at the Pediped website. You can find the link her on my website. Just click on the Pediped logo! They are a bit priced, around $30, but worth every penny. They have just released new rubber soled shoes for older children, that are a bit more expensive. Take a look and enjoy!

Don't Get Burned

I received a newsletter today from Seventh Generation. It had a lot of great information in it, however, one article stuck out. It was the article about sun exposure. I wanted to post it since I just posted about sunblock. There were some facts in the article that I did not know. Maybe I knew this but just never thought about it, but sun exposure is cumulative, just because you take a break from the sun does not mean you start over! Take a look at this article, not just for baby, but for you too! Browse the entire website if you have time, it has a lot of great information about a lot of stuff.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby Blanket Sunscreen

I have recently been testing out different sunscreens and came across Baby Blanket Suncare products. I normally use natural products when it comes to sunscreen, such as California Baby or Jason's Earths Best. However, sometimes those are not always available! Especially in a pinch.

I really like the Baby Blanket Sunblock Lotion!
Baby Blanket® SPF 50+ is specially formulated with a natural UV blocker, for babies and adults with skin sensitive to sunburn. It's dermatologist tested to be non -stinging, hypoallergenic, non-irritating and water resistant. Baby Blanket ® 50+ is waterproof and keeps working for up to 80 minutes in the water.

They also have a Baby Blanket Sunscreen Stick. This works great for those extra sensitive spots such as the nose, cheeks, ears and forehead! This is also dermatologist tested to be non-stinging, hypoallergenic, non-irritating, waterproof and paba-free.

Another item worth mentioning is the best idea in sunscreen! It is the Tender Scalps Sunscreen. Your baby's scalp will be protected with this specially formulated alcohol-free spray. The convenient spray keeps you from having to try and rub lotion onto your babies head (all that hair gets in the way!) It is also dermatologist tested to be non-stinging, hypoallergenic, non-irritating, paba-free and water-resistant.

They do have a Cherry Lip Block SPF 30, that is supposed to be formulated for kids. It is paba-free, hypoallergenic and contains aloe vera & vitamin E. However, it tastes awful! Kids are always licking their lips. Protecting their little lips are definitely important, but I would find something that tastes a little better.

The Baby Blanket Suncare website has some other great products, so make sure to check it out! They have a lot of convenience products too, single use packages of sunscreen. You can purchase everything directly from their website.

Here are some tips on being AWARE of the what to do when it comes to protecting you and your baby from the sun!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Germ Guardian Nursery Sanitizer

This is a great product. I have been using the Nursery Sanitizer for about a month now and it definitely gives me peace of mind. Whenever I go out with my baby, her toys are always falling on the ground, sitting on the table when we are out to eat and being touched by everyone who picks it up. Wow, that is A LOT of germs. When I get home, I throw all her toys, pacifiers and even bottles/nipples into the Nursery Sanitizer. You simply press a button and it silently goes to work. The only problem, you have to trust that it works...because it is silent and uses no chemicals! I am a believer.

Let's talk facts:
  • It is small and compact, it is currently sitting on my kitchen counter.
  • It kills 99.9% of flu viruses, proven 99.9% effective against germs. It kills germs that cause the following; RSV, Flu & Colds, Pneumonia, ear aches, and diarrhea (E.coli & salmonella).
  • You can place fabric toys in it, the Nursery Sanitizer will not shrink or fade colorful fabrics.
  • You can put plastic and rubber items in the Nursery Sanitizer, it does not melt them.
  • It is safe and natural, it uses dry heat to sanitize...NO CHEMICALS.
  • It automatically turns off when the cycle is over.
  • It is so quiet you will never even know it is on.
There are so many germs out there, why not be safe? Especially if your child attends day care or play groups. It takes seconds to put the toys in the Nursery Sanitizer and turn it on. The cycle lasts about 1/2 hour and when it is finished, your child's toys and bottles are clean and safe. I found this item to be a bit expensive, but, in the long run...so are those doctor's bills! You can find it on the Germ Guardian website for about $70 or at Babies R Us for about $50. I think it is worth it and could definitely be a great baby shower gift!

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