Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Potty Bench by Boon

This Potty Bench by Boon is a great idea for anyone trying to teach their little one how to use the potty. We actually put the Potty Bench out for Baby G to start getting used to about 6 months ago. It has been a permanent fixture in our bathroom since. Baby G was very interested in it and checked it out thoroughly right away. She opened the lid, checked out the 2 side storage bins with sliding lids and has been using it as a step stool to brush her teeth. She has not quite mastered using the potty yet, but loves to try it out!

The Boon Potty Bench comes in green or blue, for about $35. It has 2 side storage bins, one of which has a built in toilet paper holder. There is a pull out drawer, for easy cleanup and a soft, removable deflector shield. Your Potty Bench can be used as a stool or with the lid shut, a great bench for giving baths, holding up to 300 pounds!

Don't forget, Boon donates 10% of their profits to children's charities. You can purchase your Potty Bench online at the Boon site, or at Target & Babies R Us.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Child Nightmares?

My little one has been up the passed 2 nights, with what seem to be nightmares. She is only 21 months, how can she have nightmares? She has been waking up, screaming and very hard to calm down! Anyone have any ideas what could be bothering her?

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Itzbeen, a great invention for new and veteran parents alike. Do you ever find yourself asking, how long has it been since...? Well, the Itzbeen tells you exactly that. It is a convenient "timer" that clips onto your waist and reminds you how long "Itzbeen." The Itzbeen has several handy features; a nightlight and clip for your waist, a reminder for when your little one was changed last, a timer for when she was fed last, a timer for when she fell asleep or woke up and one more for your choice. There is even a reminder for which side you nursed on last-which I found to be the most helpful! This would make a great shower gift and even comes in a variety of colors.

You can find the Itzbeen at Babies R Us. This product was awarded the Best Baby Care Product in 2007 by iParenting Media.

ERGObaby Carriers

What more could you ask for in a carrier? The ERGObaby has it all; versatility, comfort and style! There are endless options with the ERGObaby. This carrier provides many carriers all rolled into one. You will only need to buy this one carrier, that will last from newborn all the way up to when your little one reaches 40lbs. I hear all of you saying, 40lbs-who wants to carry that weight around-the strain on my back will be awful! I kid you not, this is the most comfortable and supportive carrier I have found-and I have tried many. The ERGObaby distributes your childs weight evenly and focuses on keeping you and your little one in good posture. The next thought-how can a carrier last me until my child weighs 40lbs? The ERGObaby is made out of quality material that is very durable, even machine washable. There is no need for any worries, you can keep your little one safe and close, all the while a hands free, baby wearing super Momma! You can choose to wear the carrier in the front, on the hip or there are several back options too. There is also a great sleeping hood th can be snapped onto the shoulder straps to cover your little one from the elements or for some privacy while nursing. When it is not in use, it tucks away in the little pouch that can also be used for necessities. These carriers even come in an Organic line! By far, my favorite carrier.

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