Sunday, August 31, 2008

Esfre-Insulated Bottle Tote

This is a great product for parents on the go. The Esfre, Insulated Bottle Tote by Kiddopotamus. This functional, yet stylish tote has double insulation that keeps food and drinks cold for hours. It has the capacity to carry three 9-ounce bottles or four baby food jars. It has a reusable ice pack that conveniently fits into the inner pocket of the tote. The adjustable velcro tab grows with what you put inside, so stuff away! On the back side of the tote is a pocket that you can store your personal items in; money, credit card or license. Best of all, this Insulated Bottle Tote attaches to any stroller with the strap on the back. I even use it to attach it to my diaper bag. It comes in 3 great colors; green, pink and khaki. This tote can be purchased Babies R Us or Target.

Classic Stroller Sunshade

With so many families spending so much time outside, protecting your little one from the sun is probably one of the number one things on their minds. With the Classic Stroller Sunshade by Protect a Bub, some of your worry can be alleviated.

This sunshade, easily attaches to the canopy of your stroller and can even remain on when the stroller is folded up. This sunshade has a UPF of 50+ and will protect against 98% of UVA and UVB rays. It is made out of breathable fabric and mesh side vents to promote air circulation. It provides added protection with complete visibility for your little one. Best yet, this product was an iParenting Media Award winner!

Even with the added sunscreen, I felt better knowing that with this sunshade attached to my little ones stroller, she had added protection. We love going to festivals and BBQ's during the summer, but do not want her delicate skin to be harmed by the sun's rays. The Classic Stroller Sunshade by Protect a Bub, helped us out all summer long! The price is not too bad either! You can find this great product at the Protect a Bub site or at one of my favorite sites, Barebabies.

Groovy & Modware by Boon

Every parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle and babysitter knows that getting your little one to pay attention during breakfast, lunch and dinner is, at times, almost impossible. So why not give them their own fun plateware and plasticware! Boon has come up with the perfect solution. The Groovy plate and Modware plasticware are fun, yet functional for your little one.

Groovy is a "just for your little one" sized plate with 2 separate compartments. We all know how each separate food can not touch the other! There are also 2 smaller bowls that attach to the plate in various positions. These are perfect for dipping, which is "oh so fun", or for smaller portions. These smaller bowls slide back and forth and grip to the side perfectly!

Modware plasticware is the perfect size for toddlers. They are designed with no sharp edges and have a soft comfortable grip. Of course, they perfectly match the Groovy plateware too.

Both of these products come in orange or the newer option, pink. Both are competively priced at $13 for the Groovy plateware and $5 for the Modware plasticware. You can buy both directly off the Boon website or they can be found at Babies R Us or Target. Remember, 10% of Boon profit is donated to Children's Charities.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cariboo Folding Bassinet

The Cariboo folding bassinet is simple to put together, light weight, well-made, sturdy (holds up to 22 lbs!) and easy to clean. If you are tight on space it folds up nicely and is quite portable! For the environmentally conscious, you'll be happy to know that this bassinet is made from beautiful and sustainable New Zealand Radiata wood. The frame is well constructed; however the cardboard insert and mattress pad could definitely be improved. There is however, a 100% organic New Zealand wool pad that can be purchased separately. This pad is included in other models, such as the Classic bassinet, the Gentle Motions bassinet and the Earth bassinet. It should also be noted that the cardboard insert is an e-zero board. This board is a medium density fiberboard that is made without the use of formaldehyde or other toxic compounts.

Overall, for $259.95, the Cariboo folding bassinet is a solid purchase and a must have for all new parents with limited space or who travel frequently. My husband and I like the fact that we can transport our little one quickly from room to room or bring it to grandma's house for sleepovers. This product is also JPMA/ASTM Safety Certified and safe for your sleeping beauty.

For more information on this product or other great products by Cariboo of New Zealand, please visit the website.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

AHA! Baby

All the moms and dads out there are so bummed that this site was not around months ago when their little one was born! Well, all you pregnant women out there, fear no more! AHA! Baby was created just for you. We all have our favorite Search Engines that we run to when we have a question we need answered. Well, this site is specifically for soon to be parents. It is your one stop shop for all that you need answered. AHA! Baby is a Search Engine created with baby on the brain.

Check it out, you will be so happy you did.

Bumkins Bibs

What a great bib I have found! I am sure everyone feels the same as I do, I am constantly washing my little ones bibs. Laundry is so time consuming as it is, not having to wash 21 bibs a week sure frees up some time for me.

Bumkins bibs are waterproof and stain proof, simply rinse them in the sink and let them air dry. These bibs are lightweight and soft, they are not stiff like plastic bibs. Don't be fooled though, these bibs are extremely durable! There is a catch-all pocket at the bottom of this bib, which seems to catch everything that falls out of my little ones mouth. I love that the Bumkins bibs are made out of 100% polyester, which means they are PVC free, vinyl free and phthalate free! One less chemically treated product that we have to worry about. There are many cute and trendy designs for every style, everyone is sure to find one that fits their child's personality. Another plus is that these bibs are made in the U.S.! I do wish that there was a snap in the back instead of velcro, my little one always seems to pull on her bibs. However, this, I can live with.

You can purchase these bibs on the Bumkins website (which will give you a chance to check out all the great products they have to offer) for about $8 each or on the Babies R Us site as a 3 pack for $18. I think that these bibs are a bit expensive, however, in the long run, I think they will end up saving you money.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ingredients to Avoid in Baby Products

I just received my monthly newsletter from Seventh Generation! There is a great article in there about ingredients that should be avoided when it comes to baby. In my opinion, these ingredients should be avoided by everyone. I like that the article lists these ingredients and tells you why to avoid them. Check it out!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Frog Pod, Innovation at its' Best

Gone are the days of stinky, wet bath toys. The Frog Pod is here. What a great idea! The Frog Pod by Boon is an innovative and fun bath toy storage bin. This giant frog looks as if it is climbing the wall of your bathroom when affixed by adhesive strips, suction cups or screws that go into your grout lines between the tiles.

This frog, has a removable bin on its back that is a great help during bath time cleanup. The bin has a handle that makes it easy to scoop & rinse toys. What makes this bin so great is that it is drainable. When you are done, simply attach the bin back onto the frog's back! It will hold between 5 and 20 lbs of toys, depending on how you affixed it to your wall. I used the Very High Bond adhesive strips that resist moisture buildup and will not leave a residue when taken down.

Your kids will love bath time with the Frog Pod. There will be no fussing when it is time to clean-up, the Frog Pod makes it fun and easy, for child and parent!

Where to buy...follow the "My Amazon Store" link at the top of this page. This product can be found in the 'Lil One store for $20.25. What is even better about Boon, as a company they donate 10% of their profits to children's charities! Boon is a great company that produces great and innovative products.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crib Recalls

Well, unfortunately, there have been two more crib recalls.
  1. Mother Hubbard's Cupboards-for more information call (888) 661-8201 or you can visit
  2. Baby Appleseed-for more information call (877) 348-2199 or you can visit

These are very important recalls, it is of no cost to you to have these recalls fixed. Once you document that you have one of these cribs, they will send you repair kits.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

World Breastfeeding Week

My Little Guppie supports World Breastfeeding Week! August 1st-7th.
Be sure to check out the link for some great information!

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