Sunday, June 28, 2009

Earth Mama Angel Baby

If you are into natural, organic and toxin free products, then Earth Mama Angel Baby is for you. A lot of their products are USDA certified organic.

If you are a Mama-To-Be, then I recommend the Mama-To-Be Tea Sampler. Of course, the teas are organic and as an added bonus, are certified Kosher as well. There are 4 teas that are offered that will help soothe heartburn, nausea, anxiety and those 3rd trimester aches. All four have natural and pleasant flavors you are sure to enjoy. The tea bags are also biodegradable and the box is made from recycled products.

Do you have a fussy baby, or are you the one in need of some relaxation? Try Angel Baby Bath Blossoms, sure to calm your little one and help you relax as well. These bath blossoms are a blend of natural herbs consisting of pure and organic blossoms of calendula, chamomile, rose buds and lavender. These calming blossoms are accompanied by organic lemon balm and oatmeal. These blossoms have a wonderful, yet subtle scent and will leave your little ones skin soft and moisturized. Take the blossoms and fill the provided muslin bag, then let the fussiness fade away. The muslin bag is great if used as a soft wash cloth, even for sensitive skin. I used this baby bath right before bedtime, to calm Baby G. I do, however, wish there wasn't such a messy cleanup. The blossoms do leak out of the bag, which takes a little a extra rinsing of the tub. However, I will take the cleanup over a fussy little one any day!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bebe au Lait

When you visit the Bebe au Lait website and purchase and Hooter Hider, at checkout, enter Mystery09 and a mystery nursing cover will be added to your order for free!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

erbaorganics-Ecofriendly, Organic Skincare for Baby & Momma

Everyone knows I am all for organic anything! I found erbaorganics while searching the internet for a natural, organic baby wash. erbaorganics baby wash is a natural and mild wash that left baby G's skin feeling soft and moisturized. This wash is great for baby's sensitive skin, it does not over dry or irritate. It is hard to find a good wash that actually cleans! Baby G has such sensitive skin that I have been hesitant to try anything other than what the dermatologist has given us, which of course, is not organic. How great it was to find a wash that was free of harmful parabens, pesticides, SLS's and artificial coloring. When I opened the bottle, I could smell the organic lavender and chamomile that left baby G's skin smelling and feeling good.

erbaorganics has a full line of natural skincare for baby & Momma. At $13 a bottle for the wash I think it is a great deal compared to other organic skincare lines. Especially since erbaorganics donates 15% to the Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

Monday, June 22, 2009

First Juice

First Juice is a great blend of Organic fruits and veggies that your toddler will love. You will love the fact that it is naturally low in sugar and fortified with calcium and vitamins A, C & D.
First Juice comes in 4 yummy flavors: Apple & Carrot, Banana & Carrot, Blueberry & Purple Carrot and Peach & Purple Carrot. What is a purple carrot you ask? First Juice has brought the carrot back to it's natural state, purple and loaded with antioxidants that help slow down damage to your body.
This great juice has a sippy top, which is great for travel! The sippy top on First Juice lessens the mess that squeezable (and sugary) juice boxes create. These bottles are also recyclable and reusable.
Try First Juice for the whole family! It creates a flavorful splash of refreshment and a healthy alternative! We love First Juice.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

We are going GaGa over our Go GaGa baby bag!

I love our Go GaGa baby bag! It is so roomy, stylish, functional and so comfortable to carry. My Go GaGa messenger style bag has a patented ergonomic strap that helps distribute weight more evenly and makes it so comfortable to carry. There are endless features, such as the two outside, fully lined and insulated bottle pockets. There are so many pockets and places to stash items, nothing gets mixed together and it is all so easy to find. When not toting Baby G around, my Go GaGa bag was great to carry my laptop in, with room for my wallet, keys & cell phone! The angled front flap makes it so easy to access the front pocket without having to unclip it. My favorite "can't live without" feature is the stroller straps. We all know the difficulties of pushing a stroller with a diaper bag hanging way too low and knocking into our knees. Not with this baby tote! The stroller straps are the perfect fit, and when not running around with Baby G, they are a perfect fit for the yoga mat to fit through! The Go GaGa bags come in several styles and colors. The only setback, the bag is a bit pricey, at $119. However, there are so many functions with this bag, that all of it's uses will surely make it worth it. Check out Go GaGa bags at Planet Kids NY.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

kokopax Tote

kokopax started with a Mom & Dad looking a modern, fashionable yet functional baby carrier. Today, they provide fun and fashionable baby carriers, sun hats and totes.

The kokopax tote is made from 100% cotton canvas and comes in 6 stylish patterns. The tote is lined with a durable nylon fabric. It comes with an attachable mini-tote, which is great for money and your ID, a good amount of pockets, a key fob and a bottle compartment.

I found that the kokopax tote was so fun looking and provided a lot of room for everything I needed to bring for Baby G. All the items I packed were easily accessible and I did not have to dig around looking for what I needed. I got so many compliments on the kokopax tote! It was great for our first outing to the beach last weekend. I would recommend this tote to any stylish mom or even a fun gal without a little one! Don't forget about the discount code offered to the right, for 10% off your order at the kokopax site.

MilkBank System

The MilkBank System is a patented, clinically proven, breastmilk storage and feeding system.

Our reviewer found that the vacuum storage system that the MilkBank provides, is far superior to other storage bags. How many times have you found that other products leak, leaving you with a mess in your diaper bag? The MilkBank's storage system not only remains leak free, with it's patented leak proof filter system, but also preserves the vital nutrients that are in breastmilk. It is proven that even trace amounts of oxygen exposure begins to spoil breastmilk. The unique air pump fits securely over the storage system and pumps out the excess air, creating an airtight seal and preserving the breastmilk.

The insulated feeding bottles were found to keep milk warm, longer than other any other bottle our reviewer used. The MilkBank's unique design allows for th einner bottle to insulated with air or warm water.

Another great feature of the MilkBank is it's triple vented cap, which delivers unrestricted milk flow. This is important for so many reasons; this helps prevent colic, spitup, burping and gas. These are all "not so fun" things you hear about so often! Our reviewer's little one would always spitup after his bottle, however, she said once she started using the MilkBank, he would spitup less.

The MilkBank System is dishwasher safe! Come on Moms, we all want to save a little time, right? And of course, the entire MilkBank System is BPA, phthlate and PVC free, which I know is super important to all of us. It can be found at Babies R Us and is not too expensive! Check it out.

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