Saturday, June 6, 2009

MilkBank System

The MilkBank System is a patented, clinically proven, breastmilk storage and feeding system.

Our reviewer found that the vacuum storage system that the MilkBank provides, is far superior to other storage bags. How many times have you found that other products leak, leaving you with a mess in your diaper bag? The MilkBank's storage system not only remains leak free, with it's patented leak proof filter system, but also preserves the vital nutrients that are in breastmilk. It is proven that even trace amounts of oxygen exposure begins to spoil breastmilk. The unique air pump fits securely over the storage system and pumps out the excess air, creating an airtight seal and preserving the breastmilk.

The insulated feeding bottles were found to keep milk warm, longer than other any other bottle our reviewer used. The MilkBank's unique design allows for th einner bottle to insulated with air or warm water.

Another great feature of the MilkBank is it's triple vented cap, which delivers unrestricted milk flow. This is important for so many reasons; this helps prevent colic, spitup, burping and gas. These are all "not so fun" things you hear about so often! Our reviewer's little one would always spitup after his bottle, however, she said once she started using the MilkBank, he would spitup less.

The MilkBank System is dishwasher safe! Come on Moms, we all want to save a little time, right? And of course, the entire MilkBank System is BPA, phthlate and PVC free, which I know is super important to all of us. It can be found at Babies R Us and is not too expensive! Check it out.

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