Thursday, June 11, 2009

We are going GaGa over our Go GaGa baby bag!

I love our Go GaGa baby bag! It is so roomy, stylish, functional and so comfortable to carry. My Go GaGa messenger style bag has a patented ergonomic strap that helps distribute weight more evenly and makes it so comfortable to carry. There are endless features, such as the two outside, fully lined and insulated bottle pockets. There are so many pockets and places to stash items, nothing gets mixed together and it is all so easy to find. When not toting Baby G around, my Go GaGa bag was great to carry my laptop in, with room for my wallet, keys & cell phone! The angled front flap makes it so easy to access the front pocket without having to unclip it. My favorite "can't live without" feature is the stroller straps. We all know the difficulties of pushing a stroller with a diaper bag hanging way too low and knocking into our knees. Not with this baby tote! The stroller straps are the perfect fit, and when not running around with Baby G, they are a perfect fit for the yoga mat to fit through! The Go GaGa bags come in several styles and colors. The only setback, the bag is a bit pricey, at $119. However, there are so many functions with this bag, that all of it's uses will surely make it worth it. Check out Go GaGa bags at Planet Kids NY.

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