Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby Ktan Sling/Carrier

Wow, reading the testimonials on this baby sling/carrier just reaffirms all the great things I have heard about the Baby Ktan! Our reviewer loved using the Baby Ktan carrier.

This unique sling is made from 100% natural, organic cotton, which you guessed it, means super soft! The Baby Ktan is super comfortable and ergonomically designed, resting on both shoulders with an adjustable back support strap. You can use it in 8 different positions, from birth up to 42 lbs. You can even carry twins it, hands free! How great is that? Our reviewer used it a lot for nursing, her little one loved being it and it gave her privacy. Baby Ktan even offers a matching baby hat and if you like, you can get your sling personalized. They even offer a camoflauge design, which is great for dad. It comes with an instructional DVD or you can view the video online. And don't worry about getting your sling dirty, it is machine washable and dryer safe! The only problem that our reviewer had, was that she felt is was really difficult to figure out. She said it took her forever to get it on properly, however, once she did figure it out, it was very easy to put on.

Take a look at the site. There are a ton of testimonials and they offer comparisons to other slings as well.

Tooth Tissues

It is so easy to let the care of your baby's teeth not take priority. But your child's teeth are very important, even baby teeth. It is crucial to keep these precious little teeth clean and decay free. Teaching your child good oral hygiene at a young age leads to a lifetime of knowing how to care for their teeth.

Tooth tissues were developed by two dentists that were looking for an easier way to clean their child's teeth. Baby bottle tooth decay is on the rise but can so easily be prevented. How many times has your child fallen asleep with their bottle? This milk will sit on their little teeth and cause decay. These tissues make it very easy to wipe their teeth clean, even while they are sleeping. My husband and I use Tooth Tissues everytime our little one has a meal, snack or bottle. They are so easy to use! Tooth Tissues are disposable, textured wipes that remove plaque from teeth and gums. They are infused with xylitol, a natural cavity fighter. They are neutral flavored, 99% natural, sugar free, flouride free and paraben free. With our little one being just over a year old now, we have started to use a soft, dry toothbrush with her. This is very difficult right now! She does not want anything to do with that toothbrush. Tooth Tissues make it easier for us to get her teeth clean, she even helps (and it works even when she is sleeping). Tooth Tissues can be purchased online at the Tooth Tissue site. You can buy a pack of 12 single packs for $4 or a resealable pack of 30 tissues for $6. Very affordable! Your child's teeth are worth it.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Clek Olli Booster Seat

When I found out about the 1st booster seat to incorporate the LATCH (Lower Anchor & Tether for Children), I was a little skeptical. So, of course, I had to have it! Our reviewer was very excited to try this new seat out. After using it for quite some time now, she has been determined that this booster seat by Clek is a must have!

This is a backless booster designed for children with a height and weight between 40-57 in. and 40-100 lbs. It raises your child 4 in, which improves the fit of the seat belt. Like I said before, this booster is the 1st to use the LATCH system. This system allows the booster to secure directly to your vehicle and keeps it from moving around like other booster seats. It is so easy to install, it will take you seconds to put in and to take out if you need to switch vehicles. Our reviewers child said it was "comfy" and that he did not bounce around like he did before. The Clek booster seat was also awarded the iParenting Media Award. You can customize your booster for your child's style, you can purchase a booster jacket from the many designs offered. The booster jackets are easily removed for cleaning as well.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Starting on December 17th and running through the 31st, Pediped is offering a great discount on some of their shoes! The shoes will be 30% off and 50% of the sales will go to Make-a-Wish Foundation! Check out their site for some great deals to help a great cause. Here is a list of the shoes and their prices...

RS810 - Andy - $31
RS590 - Demetri - $34
RS640 - Ryan - $27
RS680 - Dylan - $39

RS770 - McKenna - $31
RS364 - Chloe - $31
RS396 - Riley - $27
RS420 - Natasha - bw houdstooth - $27
RS650 - Tiffany - $27
RS600 - Emily - $27

217 - Liam - khaki/olive - $22
275 - Charlie - white/navy - $22
700 - Logan - $22
320 - Nathan - $22

561 - Janine - brown - $22
760 - Lexi - brown - $22
390 - Lexi - pink - $22
430 - Jane - $22
400 - Victoria - $22
342 - Faith - black - $22
313 - Abigail - mauve - $22
750 - Brooke - $22
420 - Natasha - bw houndstooth - $22

Miss Gigi Mae

If your child tends to throw toys, pacifiers or any other accessory, then Miss Gigi Mae is for you. This cute little lady bug is great at keeping things off the floor and from getting lost. Miss Gigi Mae's unique tether system keeps all the things you need right where they need to be. There are six tethers, which act as Gigi's legs. The front 4 can be hooked onto objects and the back two are velcro straps for irregular shaped objects. You can pull them and they automatically retract back to the lady bug's body. The belly of the lady bug has velcro straps that can attach to a highchair, stroller or car seat.

Along with Miss Gigi Mae, comes a great little book Miss Gigi Mae Learns to Read. The first book (which you will get with your order) is the letter "A" and there will be 25 more fun books to come! The book is made from a washable, vinyl-like material and has a hook on it that will attach easily to your lady bug. Miss Gigi Mae Learns to Read is full of fun and colorful images that keep your child interested while learning simple rhymes.

This lovable lady bug is a favorite of mine and also won the iParenting Media Award.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Organic Nursing Shawl

A lot of our reviewers have been in search for a great nursing shawl, and boy is it hard. Finally, we have come across a great product by Bellies & Beyond. This company was started by 3 moms, so you know this shawl has to be stylish and functional.

This innovative shawl is made from 100% organic cotton, which makes it so soft and great for the environment, baby and you! There is complete coverage which allows for privacy in public places. It is lightweight and not bulky, it will easily fold up and fit in your purse or diaper tote.

Our reviewers loved this shawl because of it's style and ease of use. It has an elastic band which makes is really easy to put on and very easy to take a peek at your little one. They liked it because it is for your everyday mom-it does not cost a million dollars but has the quality of one that does cost a million dollars! They also said that they did not feel awkward in public with this shawl-a lot of shawls actually draw attention to you. Another plus is that it allows you to have one free hand, which is especially nice if you are eating! Check out this shawl at the Bellies & Beyond site, you will surely fall in love.

Another gr8x Diaper Bag

I have been so lucky with the diaper bags that have been sent to me for review! Especially since I have found 2 diaper bags by the same company that are both excellent. This time, I was able to try out a camouflage messenger type bag by gr8x.

This bag is so versatile and stylish. It is great for dad or mom! It has an insulated pocket for bottles, external access to the wipes, a pacifier pouch, soft & waterproof changing pad with it's own pouch, adjustable shoulder strap, stroller strap attachments, a clip for your keys, a cell phone pouch and even a 2 year warranty!

We got so many compliments on this bag. My husband, especially, as he toted our daughter around many other dads asked where he got his manly diaper bag! With it's messenger style flap, everything is easily accessible and easy to find. Nothing ever got lost and there was so much room! It was great because there was no zipper that you had to struggle with to get closed, the zipper usually winning resulting in multiple items falling out. Not with the gr8x camo bag! I never left a trail of pacifiers and toys.

We had several bags that we used to switch off between, however, now we strictly use our gr8x camo messenger bag. Thanks gr8x for making such a great product! To get your very own, you can purchase directly from the Regal Lager site (they represent gr8x) for about $110.

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