Sunday, December 14, 2008

Miss Gigi Mae

If your child tends to throw toys, pacifiers or any other accessory, then Miss Gigi Mae is for you. This cute little lady bug is great at keeping things off the floor and from getting lost. Miss Gigi Mae's unique tether system keeps all the things you need right where they need to be. There are six tethers, which act as Gigi's legs. The front 4 can be hooked onto objects and the back two are velcro straps for irregular shaped objects. You can pull them and they automatically retract back to the lady bug's body. The belly of the lady bug has velcro straps that can attach to a highchair, stroller or car seat.

Along with Miss Gigi Mae, comes a great little book Miss Gigi Mae Learns to Read. The first book (which you will get with your order) is the letter "A" and there will be 25 more fun books to come! The book is made from a washable, vinyl-like material and has a hook on it that will attach easily to your lady bug. Miss Gigi Mae Learns to Read is full of fun and colorful images that keep your child interested while learning simple rhymes.

This lovable lady bug is a favorite of mine and also won the iParenting Media Award.

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