Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Featured Product Finally Here

I have finally posted the featured product section that everyone has been waiting for! If you look to the left, that is where it will be posted. Right now, if you visit and purchase any Kuster item, you will receive 10% off your order when you enter the code shown under the picture. I will try to change to featured product every two weeks or so. I have a lot of products that I cannot wait to show and I have a lot of discount codes to offer. If you miss a featured product just post a comment and let me know.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jardine Crib Recall

There have been several models of Jardine cribs recalled. Please read this article and see if your crib is one of the recalled!

You can go to to fill out the necessary information to get a full refund voucher for a new crib.

This is a very dangerous recall, if you have one of these cribs, make sure to read this article.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

2 Great Bottles-BPA Free

I have two great bottles to talk about. Both are 100% recommended!


Let's talk facts:
  • This bottle is 100% safe for your baby- it is polycarbonate free and bisphenol-A free.
  • The nipple is shaped like a mother's breast
  • Helps reduce colic-patented leak resistant petal vent protects your baby from ingesting extra air bubbles
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Winner of Medical Design Excellence Award 2008
  • Winner of Reddot Design Award 2008
Everyone that has tried the Adiri bottle has fallen in love with it. I have a friend whose daughter refuses to take a bottle. When I found out about this bottle, I suggested it. Well, needless to say, my friend can go out and spend more than 2 hours away from her daughter. This bottle became her life saver! The Adiri bottle is so easy to use, it is all one piece, except for the twist off bottom. It comes in 3 different stages: slow, medium and fast flow. It is rather expensive, retailing at $12.99, but definitely worth it! You can find it online at Babies R Us or

Green to Grow

Let's talk facts:
  • Free of phthalates and bisphenol-A
  • Free of lead and PVC
  • Nipples are nitrosamine free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The packaging is 100% recycled (the ink on the package is soy ink)
This was another great bottle. Green to Grow has done their research and produced a spectacular bottle. I loved it because of the "green" factor. I think that most people would buy this bottle simply for that factor. There are definitely bottles out there that my daughter does not do good with, the milk always seems to leak out of her mouth. The Green to Grow bottle was not one of them, it worked just the way a bottle should! It is more reasonably priced, selling for $7.50 for the 5 oz and $9.99 for the 10 oz. I like that it comes in two sizes. You can find this bottle at the Green to Grow website.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Evenflo Expansion Swing Gate

Yet another great product from Evenflo!

This expansion swing gate is great for baby or your pets!

The Expansion Swing Gate has many great features!
  • Splinter resistant finish
  • one hand release latch, that is child resistant
  • telescoping plastic safety rail at the top of the gate, this prevents any openings at the top of the gate
  • hardware mounted-this makes for a sturdier gate with less possibility of being pushed over
  • fits most doorways-up to 152 cm
My husband found that the instructions for the mounting of the gate were very easy to follow and the overall installation of the gate was super easy and fast! It is great for high traffic areas, the latch is very easy to open and shut-doing it enough times became like second nature. We love the wood finish, however, we do wish it came in more finish options (our house is cherry wood and this is a lighter finish). We thought this was very sturdy. With my cats trying to climb it and jump over it and with all the little ones crawling around-no one was able to knock it over! Yeah! We also thought the packaging of the Expansion Swing Gate was great. It is very compact, making it very easy to fit in your car. The pictures on the front of the box are of everyday families, letting you know that this gate would work for you. Lastly, the box provides enough information about the gate for you to make an informed decision on whether it will work for you or not.

As like the other gate by Evenflo, this is not meant for the top of the stairs. We thought this a negative, however, we do understand that there are several different categories of gates!

I know, everyone is wondering...where can I buy this gate and how much is it? You can pick it up, very inexpensively I might add ($30) at Walmart or Target, and online at,,, and through my website at BabyAge.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Twilight Ladybug

Well, my featured product has been put on hold. I have several items that I need to post about first!

Twilight Ladybug

This product is so cute! You can find it at
as well as

We found some great things about the Twilight Ladybug (there is also a Twilight Turtle.) This product is a soft, plush ladybug with a hard shell that projects constellations on your child's ceiling when they go to sleep.

  1. Twilight Ladybug won the 2008 National Parenting Publications Honors Award
  2. It has 3 color options that can be projected onto the night time ceiling; green, blue & red.
  3. Twilight Ladybug runs on 3 AAA batteries, no cords to trip over!
  4. Our favorite feature, it automatically shuts off after 45 minutes! This feature is great, you won't waste batteries and you won't wake your sleeping child trying to creep into the room to turn it off.
  5. We thought this was a great way to help children who are afraid of the dark fall asleep. We also thought this was a great product to help prevent your child from becoming afraid of the dark. If your child is excited for bedtime because they get to look at the stars, then why be afraid!
  6. Twilight Ladybug comes with a story, which is really great to read to your child (and so cute!).
  7. It also comes with an adoption certificate.
  8. Another one of our favorite features is that it comes with a constellation guide. You and your child can search for the different constellations displayed on the ceiling. You can also play a game and try and find the same constellations outside on a starry night!
  9. For a night light, yes, this the Twilight Ladybug is pretty expensive. However, this is not just a night light. It gives parents and children time together at night before bedtime. It gives children a comfort in the dark, when before they did not have one. At around $34, we definitely think it is worth it.
Cloud B also has several other great products worth checking out.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Featured Products

I am going to start posting featured products! I think I will probably put up a new product every two weeks. I have lots of promotional codes to offer up, I can't wait to share them! I will try and have one up tomorrow. So check back in the next couple of days for some great deals on some great products!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Boogie Wipes-By Far the Favorite of the Group

Boogie Wipes, what are those? Only the best invention around! We love their slogan line too, "Snot your average wipe."

With allergies and colds in full bloom, all the kids noses are runny and crusty! Boogie Wipes feel so good on your nose, we used them ourselves. Boogie Wipes "are the latest innovation in a moist wipe product for busy moms, dads & kids. With added saline, they offer quick, gentle, effective relief of stuck on Boogies caused by the common cold & allergies."

These wipes have
  • a unique formula that moisturizes with added vitamin E, aloe and chamomile
They are
  • hypoallergenic
  • alcohol free
  • gentle enough for all ages
  • lightly scented
We loved everything about these Boogie Wipes. Isn't everyone sick of torturing their child with rough kleenex, paper towels or napkins (pretty much anything you can get your hands on) when your child has a runny or crusty nose? My baby cried every time I would try and wipe her nose. It became all red and puffy, I then gave up and let the poor girl keep her crustys! Until I found Boogie Wipes. They are so soft, Grayce actually seemed to enjoy when I used them on her face. As if they soothed her red and puffy nose. The special formula in these wipes helped get the crusty boogies off her nose and face with no effort at all! At first I was skeptical, and thought that something that is scented could not be good for my baby. With the first use I was proven wrong. Grayce has very sensitive skin and these wipes did not affect her skin in a negative way at all. They have a very fresh scent and they even come in grape too.

The moms that came up with this product have run into a gold mine! So, go out and buy your Boogie Wipes! Right now you can get them online at the Boogie Wipes site for $3.99 (well worth it) or at Thriftway, Fred Meyer, Kroger & Rite Aid. In the fall you can find them at Babies R Us, Walmart and Meijer.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Evenflo Simple Step Safety Gate

This gate is by Evenflo, called the Simple Step. Let me first give some information about the gate. It is pressure mounted and is safe for doorways, hallways and the bottom of stairs. You can guy this gate through this blog, at BabyAge.

We really liked this gate. Overall it was sturdy, lightweight and of good value.

  • We liked that it was pressure mounted, this meant no hardware to install and made for very easy, quick installation. It fit the bottom of our stairs, where one side is a wall and the other a banister.
  • It included a 6" extension panel which allowed for installation in wider than normal spaces.
  • There is a one-hand slide lock that easily opens and closes the gate. The lock is also color coded, so you know for sure if it is locked.
  • The gate swings open for easy walk through, no climbing over stubborn, hard to open gates! What is really great is that it swings both ways!
  • We found the installation instructions very easy to follow, you really did not even need them, the gate was so easy to install.
  • What we really loved, for the installation challenged, there is an installation demo online!
  • We felt that this gate was very sturdy for our daughter and our cats! The several children that often crawl around my house were not happy that it was there, but it definitely stopped them from going up the stairs.
  • This gate was very easy to clean, just wipe with a wet cloth. It comes in a natural taupe color, rather than hard to keep clean white.
  • It is very reasonably priced, you can buy it for about $35.
  • The number one problem with this gate is that it is not suitable for the top of the stairs. I wish it were.
  • Where we found it to be great for my daughter and some of the others, it did not seem a good fit for taller, heavier, older children. It states it is suitable for ages 6-24M, we felt that it is probably only suitable up to about 18M. The older, taller and heavier babies were able to push it over.
  • While we love the swing gate, the opening is not very wide. While most can fit through it with ease, there are some that have to walk sideways through it to fit.
We felt that the cons of the Evenflo Simple Step gate are minimal and the pros definitely outweigh them! Aside from the fact that when the gate is closed, my fat cat can't fit through the bars, I would buy the Evenflo Simple Step gate again and recommend it to others.

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