Thursday, June 19, 2008

Evenflo Expansion Swing Gate

Yet another great product from Evenflo!

This expansion swing gate is great for baby or your pets!

The Expansion Swing Gate has many great features!
  • Splinter resistant finish
  • one hand release latch, that is child resistant
  • telescoping plastic safety rail at the top of the gate, this prevents any openings at the top of the gate
  • hardware mounted-this makes for a sturdier gate with less possibility of being pushed over
  • fits most doorways-up to 152 cm
My husband found that the instructions for the mounting of the gate were very easy to follow and the overall installation of the gate was super easy and fast! It is great for high traffic areas, the latch is very easy to open and shut-doing it enough times became like second nature. We love the wood finish, however, we do wish it came in more finish options (our house is cherry wood and this is a lighter finish). We thought this was very sturdy. With my cats trying to climb it and jump over it and with all the little ones crawling around-no one was able to knock it over! Yeah! We also thought the packaging of the Expansion Swing Gate was great. It is very compact, making it very easy to fit in your car. The pictures on the front of the box are of everyday families, letting you know that this gate would work for you. Lastly, the box provides enough information about the gate for you to make an informed decision on whether it will work for you or not.

As like the other gate by Evenflo, this is not meant for the top of the stairs. We thought this a negative, however, we do understand that there are several different categories of gates!

I know, everyone is wondering...where can I buy this gate and how much is it? You can pick it up, very inexpensively I might add ($30) at Walmart or Target, and online at,,, and through my website at BabyAge.

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