Monday, June 16, 2008

Twilight Ladybug

Well, my featured product has been put on hold. I have several items that I need to post about first!

Twilight Ladybug

This product is so cute! You can find it at
as well as

We found some great things about the Twilight Ladybug (there is also a Twilight Turtle.) This product is a soft, plush ladybug with a hard shell that projects constellations on your child's ceiling when they go to sleep.

  1. Twilight Ladybug won the 2008 National Parenting Publications Honors Award
  2. It has 3 color options that can be projected onto the night time ceiling; green, blue & red.
  3. Twilight Ladybug runs on 3 AAA batteries, no cords to trip over!
  4. Our favorite feature, it automatically shuts off after 45 minutes! This feature is great, you won't waste batteries and you won't wake your sleeping child trying to creep into the room to turn it off.
  5. We thought this was a great way to help children who are afraid of the dark fall asleep. We also thought this was a great product to help prevent your child from becoming afraid of the dark. If your child is excited for bedtime because they get to look at the stars, then why be afraid!
  6. Twilight Ladybug comes with a story, which is really great to read to your child (and so cute!).
  7. It also comes with an adoption certificate.
  8. Another one of our favorite features is that it comes with a constellation guide. You and your child can search for the different constellations displayed on the ceiling. You can also play a game and try and find the same constellations outside on a starry night!
  9. For a night light, yes, this the Twilight Ladybug is pretty expensive. However, this is not just a night light. It gives parents and children time together at night before bedtime. It gives children a comfort in the dark, when before they did not have one. At around $34, we definitely think it is worth it.
Cloud B also has several other great products worth checking out.

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