Friday, May 29, 2009

pediped Hosts a Special Promotion

pediped will be hosting a special promotion, May 27th- June 10th, to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation. Many styles will be discounted and 50% of sales will be donated to the Make a Wish Foundation. In 2008, the company raised $111,000 and hopes to surpass that this year, to grant even more wishes!

Monday, May 25, 2009


I have been so lucky to have received another great product from HotSlings. HotSlings is my new favorite place to send all my friends looking for baby slings. This unique "pouch" style sling is not only uber stylish, but functional as well. My HotSling gave me the freedom to move about, with my hands free, as well as the security of being close to my little one. I have noticed that a lot of slings are mostly for infants. HotSlings does it all, you can use it in the traditional hammock style with your infant inside and when they get a little older, you can do the hip carry. Both ways keep you close to your little one and still able to function. When you order a HotSling, it comes an instructional book as well as a DVD.

I have used mine most recently in the warmer weather when going to outside festivals. I am able to keep Baby G close to me and still have my hands free to peruse all the great finds from the unique vendors. It has also been really great because the festivals are so often very crowded, making it super hard to push a stroller through. My new HotSling has alleviated that problem. And don't worry, the fabric is very light and breathable, keeping mom and baby very cool. I have gotten so many compliments on my sling. Everyone wants to know where I got my "fashionable" accessory. I just tell them it is a HotSling!

Be sure to check out their website and enter the Sling & Swaddle Journey!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Block To Grow On

If you are looking for a unique and fun baby shower gift, A Block To Grow On from Child to Cherish has you covered. A Block To Grow on is a ceramic square bank with spots for all your child's milestones. One side of the block has a spot for your little one's name, birthdate, height and weight. The other sides have spots for height and weight from 1M to 12M, as well as their first step, smile, tooth and word. A Block To Grow on comes in pink, blue or yellow. This was a hit with all the moms that got a look at it! Get your Block To Grow On, for your best friend, neighbor or splurge for yourself. It will surely provide the many memories you crave!

Check out the discount code on the right and receive 10% off your order at Child to Cherish.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dapple Baby

I can not wait to tell you all about the great baby cleaning products I found. The brand is Dapple and they specialize in cleaning products for households that have little ones running around.

All their cleaning products are natural based, they are phtalate free, paraben free and SLES & dye free. They take advantage of the natural cleaning powers that nature offers, using ingrediants derived from fruits.

I tried out the travel size dish liquid and toy spray. Both worked great for me and contained a pleasant scent from pure lavender essential oil. The dish liquid was able to get all my dishes clean, even the sippy cups that had dried milk in the cap and there was no residue left over. The toy spray is easy to use, spray on and wipe off. What a great way to let your little ones share their toys but not worry about all the germs! This spray worked great on my countertops too.

You can find Dapple at Babies R Us and is very affordable!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Snuggly & Soft Hugga Pets

My daughter has a great new friend to cuddle with and drag around wherever she goes! This great new friend is a Hugga Pet.

Hugga Pets act as your child's best friend, during the day when they are running around and at night, when it is time to snuggle down into their beds. During the day, the Hugga Pet is a puppy, a kitty cat, a mouse, an elephant, a unicorn, a lion or a teddy bear. At night, these cuddly friends open up to be a plush pillow companion for your little one to fall asleep with.

Little G loved her Hugga Pet Puppy from the day he arrived in our home. She hugs him, she drags him around-through the house and he accompanies her on all our trips in the car, faithfully following her wherever she goes. At night, when it is time for bed, she runs to find her Hugga Pet Puppy to make sure he makes it up the stairs and into bed with her. We unfold him into a pillow and she lovingly wraps her arms around him and smiles.

This is a great pal for any little one. Give it as a gift, a special reward or just get one "just because." You and your little one will love him from the day he arrives! For $20, this is a great investment in your little one's imagination.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Balboa Baby Nursing Cover

What is better than a nursing cover that provides privacy? It is the Balboa Baby Nursing Cover, providing privacy, comfort and stlye all in one. This is not just a nursing cover, it provides ample room for baby to move around and has a structured, reinforced neckline which allows Mom and baby to maintain eye contact.

Our reviewer loved using the Balboa Baby Nursing Cover. She always said she hated secluding herself while out and about. With the Balboa Baby Nursing Cover, she didn't have to anymore. It was easy to use and easy to put on. She felt she had full privacy. Her favorite part about the cover was all the room her little one had. She said with other covers, she always felt like her little one was being restricted and didn't have much air flow while nursing, but not with Balboa Baby. She also like that she was able to see her little one and vice versa.

My Little Guppie would recommend the Balboa Baby Nursing Cover, in many stylish designs to all nursing moms. At $35 this would make a great shower gift as well.

A Sling Here, A Sling There...Everywhere a Sling...Balboa Baby

When I had my little one, I did not have a sling and really did not know much about them. After seeing the Balboa Baby Sling and hearing about from our reviewer, I am so jealous!

The Balboa Baby Dr. Sears Adjustable Sling is not only fashionable, it is easy to use. It is so simple to put on and get baby all snuggled inside. Our reviewer told us all how soft and comfortable it was, especially with it's contoured padded strap. The padded strap helped by evenly distributing baby's weight, giving Mom's shoulders a sigh of relief! The closeness that the Balboa Baby sling provides, promotes attachment and bonding between Mom and baby. Our reviewer never felt restricted. She knew her little one was snug inside, and was able to move freely around.

At $59.99, My Little Guppie thinks this is a great buy for any Mom!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Let's Party

Earth Mama Angel Baby is the place to have a party...a Tea Party, that is. They offer 100% Organic and Kosher Teas for all tastes. What is even better is they are having a contest, until May 15th that let's you enter for a chance to win a delicious basket of tummy yummy teas. They offer tea for all stages of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and beyond! There are also locations all over that are sharing in the party, by offering a Mama's Day Tea Party for you to participate in, check to see if there is a location near you! There are also some great Tea recipes that are sure you soothe the soul.

Make sure to mention My Little Guppie when you enter to win!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


While reading my monthly Parenting magazine, I came across a rather interesting looking product...the SnugginGo. I immediately found the Web site and began my research!

We all know that it is so hard to keep your little one upright in her car seat, stroller or swing. Most car seats come standard with a head support, but again, we all know that they do not do the job! It is so hard to find something that is comfy for your little one, while keeping them from slouching over. Not only does it look really uncomfortable to be slouched over like that, your little ones airway can be compromised as well.

The SnugginGo provides proper positioning for little one's whole body and keeps them breathing right. The SnugginGo can be used with infants from just 4 lbs up to one year. Of course, Baby G is a bit older than that, so I enlisted one of my favorite Mommy friends to try out the SnugginGo. It was a hit right off the bat! It immediately helped her little one stay upright in her car seat, swing and stroller. Her biggest fear was that her little one was not getting enough air when she was slouched over. The SnugginGo relieved her of that fear. She even used it while changing her little one on the changing table to keep her from rolling over. She received endless compliments and questions about where she got her SnugginGo.

The SnugginGo has been safety tested and fits most car seats, strollers, high chairs and swings. It is made from memory foam and the outside is ultra soft and washable. The SnugginGo has an adjustable shoulder bar that positions behind your little one's shoulder blades, to gently push out their chest and open their airway. The base bar cradles their bottom, providing endless comfort and the side bars support their shoulders to keep them from rolling and slouching. At around $45 it is a very affordable necessity, great for a shower gift. Oh, and it comes in many great colors and patterns!

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