Monday, May 25, 2009


I have been so lucky to have received another great product from HotSlings. HotSlings is my new favorite place to send all my friends looking for baby slings. This unique "pouch" style sling is not only uber stylish, but functional as well. My HotSling gave me the freedom to move about, with my hands free, as well as the security of being close to my little one. I have noticed that a lot of slings are mostly for infants. HotSlings does it all, you can use it in the traditional hammock style with your infant inside and when they get a little older, you can do the hip carry. Both ways keep you close to your little one and still able to function. When you order a HotSling, it comes an instructional book as well as a DVD.

I have used mine most recently in the warmer weather when going to outside festivals. I am able to keep Baby G close to me and still have my hands free to peruse all the great finds from the unique vendors. It has also been really great because the festivals are so often very crowded, making it super hard to push a stroller through. My new HotSling has alleviated that problem. And don't worry, the fabric is very light and breathable, keeping mom and baby very cool. I have gotten so many compliments on my sling. Everyone wants to know where I got my "fashionable" accessory. I just tell them it is a HotSling!

Be sure to check out their website and enter the Sling & Swaddle Journey!

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