Monday, May 18, 2009

The Snuggly & Soft Hugga Pets

My daughter has a great new friend to cuddle with and drag around wherever she goes! This great new friend is a Hugga Pet.

Hugga Pets act as your child's best friend, during the day when they are running around and at night, when it is time to snuggle down into their beds. During the day, the Hugga Pet is a puppy, a kitty cat, a mouse, an elephant, a unicorn, a lion or a teddy bear. At night, these cuddly friends open up to be a plush pillow companion for your little one to fall asleep with.

Little G loved her Hugga Pet Puppy from the day he arrived in our home. She hugs him, she drags him around-through the house and he accompanies her on all our trips in the car, faithfully following her wherever she goes. At night, when it is time for bed, she runs to find her Hugga Pet Puppy to make sure he makes it up the stairs and into bed with her. We unfold him into a pillow and she lovingly wraps her arms around him and smiles.

This is a great pal for any little one. Give it as a gift, a special reward or just get one "just because." You and your little one will love him from the day he arrives! For $20, this is a great investment in your little one's imagination.

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