Friday, January 30, 2009

The No-Cry Nap Solution, by Elizabeth Pantley

I just finished reading The No-Cry Nap Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. Not only is this a great book to read, but a great tool to use when trying to get your little one to nap. This book provides easy and practical solutions to specific napping problems. The No-Cry Nap Solution helps you identify the problem and solve it in a way that is easy for you. Does your child only take a nap if she has a bottle or is nursing? How about the baby that only fall asleep while being rocked (in a swing or in your arms)? Does your little one have to have a pacifier to take a nap? Does your child get fussy and cranky due to lack of sleep? Is it hard to get your tot to take naps longer than 1/2 hour? Elizabeth Pantley has solutions to all of these scenarios. She offers several routes for you to take in order to remedy the napping problem. Within the book are tools and worksheets for you to use and to monitor your child's sleep patterns. All of her solutions can be modified to fit your little one's personality and your lifestyle (and schedule).

I found that my favorite part of the book are the explanations that are provided about why children (and adults) need naps and what the benefits are. We all know that when our little one's take naps, it provides us with some "adult" time...time to clean, time to eat, time to relax, or time to phone a friend. However, there are so many hidden benefits that you may not even realize. A lot of people think if they take a cat nap then they will feel better. This is true-sort of. The first 1/2 hour of napping is when the feeling of tiredness disappears, so when you wake up (or your child wakes up) you feel refreshed and not tired. This only lasts for a bit, your body has not fully recharged and quickly feels tired again. This is the same for your little one. Did you know that when a child naps, it gives their brain time to convert their short term memory to long term memory? Most 12 month olds need about 12 hours of night time sleep and nap time sleep. Most 12 month olds can stay awake between 3-4 hours at a time during the day without getting cranky. (I say "most" since all children are different). Getting enough sleep will help them remain happy and alert! Another thing I really liked was that Elizabeth Pantley knows that all children, parents and their schedules are different. She does not lump everyone into one category and say that this will work for everyone.

You can pick up this book, as well as her many other "Solution" books at

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chuck the Yuck

Chuck the Yuck is creative genius! This idea came from 3 sisters, with a little thought, love and luck...Chuck the Yuck is being seen all over. Featured in Daily Candy, InStyle, US Weekly and numerous blogs-this product is sure to win over moms all over the World!

These designer "barf" bags are water resistant and come with a great little twist type closure. I am sure many of you have been in the car when your little one decides to not feel so well. Or your pregnant and that not-just-the-morning sickness comes creeping up. Just keep these stylish looking bags in your glove compartment or diaper bag, and you will always be prepared. Chuck the Yuck bags are also great for those dirty diapers that you are not sure about where to put when a garbage is out of reach. The only thing I could wish for is that they were stink resistant too! You can purchase these bags at their website and you will get 3 in a pack. Stock up, they are worth it-part of the proceeds go to finding a cure for ALS!

See Kai Run-Spring 2009 Collection

See Kai Run, another of my favorites, will be releasing their Spring 2009 collection on their website, this Friday! Check them out and keep an eye out for the contest that will appear on my site soon!

See Kai Run® Showers Shoe Fans with 31 New Styles in its New 2009 Spring/Summer

Innovative new designs for boys, girls and babies – plus
the return of four old favorites

Seattle, WA, January 2009 – Jump
for joy! It’s time to think spring. See Kai Run, popular manufacturer of the
perfect first shoe for new walkers, is focusing on fresh silhouettes and
colorways for the upcoming spring/summer 2009 collection.

want to be excited about what they see on the shelves, which means we have
to take some risks in offering fresh styles," says founder Cause Haun. “We're
adding some metallics for boys this season with a gold, khaki, cream, and
black trainer.”

More highlights include a sophisticated black
sandal with a row of white polka dots that can be dressed up or paired with
jeans, as well as a bottle green sandal for girls with yellow and leaf green
accents. In all, See Kai Run will introduce 14 new styles in its first walker
line, sized three through nine. And by popular demand, it will also bring back
four styles from previous collections in a new line known as See Kai (re)Runs.
The Smaller® soft-soled baby bootie line sized from zero – 18 months will
feature 17 new styles.

The new spring collection will be available
for purchase at retailers, as well as online at beginning
February 2009. Retail prices starts at $32. To view a sneak peek of the new line
now, please see our Web site at

See Kai Run

See Kai Run and Smaller promote healthy development of
babies' and children's feet with their ultra-flexible soles, soft leather and
wide toe box. Our footwear meets the American Podiatric Medical Association's
rigorous standards for foot health and functionality and has been awarded the
APMA's prestigious Seal of Acceptance.

See Kai Run is a
family-owned and operated business located outside of Seattle, Washington. The
idea was born when owner Cause Haun was on a quest for the perfect first pair of
shoes for her son, Kai. Unable to find shoes in fun styles that still promoted
the healthy development of little feet, Cause and her husband created their own
line of shoes that satisfied all of these needs. In just four years, See Kai Run
has seen sales expand from a few boutiques, mostly in the Seattle area, to
stores all around the country and worldwide. Please visit for
additional information.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Pediped has just released a sneak peek at their new spring 2009 collection! Check out my favorite shoes at their website.

Hot New Summer Sandals Highlight Pediped™ SPRING SUMMER 09

Henderson, NV - - (January 2009) - - pediped’s
Spring Summer 09 Collection boasts more sandals than ever.
Sandals are a footwear staple during hot summer months and pediped™ is ready
with sandals for every day and for every occasion. Little ones will be
styling in their pedipeds which provide comfort and support that many sandals

Standout styles include:
Giselle for the fashion forward
with its trendy multi-colored polka dots
Brady for rough and tumble boys who
continue to play in their sandals as they would in their closed toed shoes
Harvey for the littlest ones looking for summer fun

pediped™ footwear summer sandal collection is both attractive and functional – a
combination moms LOVE to see.

This new collection will be available
in February with stand out styles such as:
Giselle Sandal: the
highly popular Giselle Mary Jane has been translated into in a stylish sandal in
both brown and white. This shoe is known for its versatility to go with
just about any outfit dressy or casual.
Giselle Sandal will be available in
February and will retail for $38.
Brady: a Navy Blue and Orange leather
sandal has just enough coverage to protect the toes of active little boys while
still allowing for airflow to keep feet cool.
Brady will be available
in February and will retail for $38.
Harvey: a fun and fresh take on
the classic sandal. This light brown nubuck soft sole sandal for boys is
perfectly suited for summer fun.
Harvey is available now and retails for

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lascal M1 Carrier

I have been able to test out some great sport carriers, but the Lascal M1 Carrier is the best yet! It is sporty and trendy looking (offered in many colors), while at the same time being comfortable, flexible and safe. It is made of soft, ventilated, and naturally anti-bacterial bamboo fabric. It has a 3-way adjustable front: the width is adjustable-allowing for a custom fit, the seat height is adjustable-allowing the carrier to grow with you and your little one (fits a child from 8-30 lbs), and an adjustable head support. For you, there is a lumbar support which keeps you more comfortable for longer by keeping you baby's weight more evenly distributed. There are also wide padded shoulder harnesses for maximum support and comfort. The bamboo fabric cover is easily removed for cleaning. What is really great, the M1 carrier offers a back support for baby, keeping your little one's growing spine in line. This is not a feature you can find in most carriers.

We loved using the Lascal M1 Carrier. With it being cold out, we were not able to take many walks, but we did go to the mall a lot. I even would do chores around the house with my little one in the carrier! With her being able to walk now, she wants to be free to roam around, and often makes a fuss when she can't do that. However, she really enjoyed being in the Lascal M1 carrier. When we would take it out, she would wobble over and couldn't wait to be put in it. She is a tiny peanut but it is great that the Lascal M1 carrier will hold children up to 30 lbs. I never got a back ache and it was so easy to switch between myself and my husband. Some carriers are such a pain to put on, but not the Lascal M1 carrier. This carrier is secure, with it's quick release buckles, not a pain to take on and off. I love this carrier.

The Lascal M1 Carrier was featured in Fit Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Parents, babycouture, New Parent and American Baby. All great magazines.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thank You!

I just wanted to take the time to thank all of my readers and wish you a happy New Year. It makes me happy to know that a lot of parents are getting ideas and recommendations from reading My Little Guppie. There are a lot of products out there and it is so hard to choose! Hopefully I will have a new round of products coming in that I can post for you.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sippy Cup Holders

Every parent experiences the same thing when their child is old enough to hold their own bottle or sippy cup. Yep, you guessed it...a day filled with thrown bottles, sippy cup messes to clean up and time spent searching for the bottle or cup that was dropped 2 blocks back on your walk. A local Illinois mom and science teacher has come up with a solution. She has designed her very own bottle/sippy cup holder!

This holder will fit most sippy cups and bottles. It does claim to fit all bottles and sippy cups, but low and behold, I have one in my cupboard that it does not fit! The band that fits around the cups and bottles is like those stretchy rubber bracelets that used to be all the rage. It is attached to a coil tether that stretches to 3x it's length and on the other end has an attached suction cup. The suction cup will attach to any clean, flat and hard surface. It also comes with a link that can attach to things that do not have trays, such as shopping carts or some light weight strollers. The best part, it is 100% safe and non-toxic. My only thought is that I want to find a holder that when the cup or bottle is dropped, it always lands drinking side up! Am I wanting too much? Anyways, at $7.00 and very quick shipping, I would definitely recommend the sippy cup holders!

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