Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chuck the Yuck

Chuck the Yuck is creative genius! This idea came from 3 sisters, with a little thought, love and luck...Chuck the Yuck is being seen all over. Featured in Daily Candy, InStyle, US Weekly and numerous blogs-this product is sure to win over moms all over the World!

These designer "barf" bags are water resistant and come with a great little twist type closure. I am sure many of you have been in the car when your little one decides to not feel so well. Or your pregnant and that not-just-the-morning sickness comes creeping up. Just keep these stylish looking bags in your glove compartment or diaper bag, and you will always be prepared. Chuck the Yuck bags are also great for those dirty diapers that you are not sure about where to put when a garbage is out of reach. The only thing I could wish for is that they were stink resistant too! You can purchase these bags at their website and you will get 3 in a pack. Stock up, they are worth it-part of the proceeds go to finding a cure for ALS!

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