Monday, January 12, 2009

Lascal M1 Carrier

I have been able to test out some great sport carriers, but the Lascal M1 Carrier is the best yet! It is sporty and trendy looking (offered in many colors), while at the same time being comfortable, flexible and safe. It is made of soft, ventilated, and naturally anti-bacterial bamboo fabric. It has a 3-way adjustable front: the width is adjustable-allowing for a custom fit, the seat height is adjustable-allowing the carrier to grow with you and your little one (fits a child from 8-30 lbs), and an adjustable head support. For you, there is a lumbar support which keeps you more comfortable for longer by keeping you baby's weight more evenly distributed. There are also wide padded shoulder harnesses for maximum support and comfort. The bamboo fabric cover is easily removed for cleaning. What is really great, the M1 carrier offers a back support for baby, keeping your little one's growing spine in line. This is not a feature you can find in most carriers.

We loved using the Lascal M1 Carrier. With it being cold out, we were not able to take many walks, but we did go to the mall a lot. I even would do chores around the house with my little one in the carrier! With her being able to walk now, she wants to be free to roam around, and often makes a fuss when she can't do that. However, she really enjoyed being in the Lascal M1 carrier. When we would take it out, she would wobble over and couldn't wait to be put in it. She is a tiny peanut but it is great that the Lascal M1 carrier will hold children up to 30 lbs. I never got a back ache and it was so easy to switch between myself and my husband. Some carriers are such a pain to put on, but not the Lascal M1 carrier. This carrier is secure, with it's quick release buckles, not a pain to take on and off. I love this carrier.

The Lascal M1 Carrier was featured in Fit Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Parents, babycouture, New Parent and American Baby. All great magazines.

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