Sunday, February 21, 2010

Personalize Your Child's BackPack With PakNak

You're wondering, what is PakNak? Designed by a couple of Moms and tested out by their kids, PakNak Charms are whimsical, 3D charms that you can put on your child's lunch box, backpack or lunch bag. These charms are soft and flexible and stick to just about anything! There are about 40 designs, that come with a super strong adhesive and velcro that makes each PakNak interchangeable, depending on you child's mood!

I really like the idea of personalizing my daughter's head bands with the cute little butterflys or ladybugs! Even the Website is fun, you can download the entire collection of PakNaks in a fun to color coloring book for your kids! The one drawback is that if you don't want to have the PakNak on your headband, bag or lunch box anymore, it seemed a bit difficult to get the adhesive off if it had been on there for a while. It was very easy to remove and put on something else, if it was done rather quickly. Overall, I think these are great ways for kids to personalize their belongings and have some fun.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lily Padz

Are you looking for an alternative to your traditional nursing pads? I was contacted by Lily Padz and given a chance to try them out (not me, but a fellow reviewer).

Lily Padz were invented by a Mother who was looking for something more comfortable and more affordable than the disposable nursing pads. She came up with Lily Padz, made out of a gas permeable silicone (allowing your skin to breathe), with a design that conforms to your body and helps stop leakage. Lily Padz are non-absorbent, but there is no need for absorbancy. With the unique design and flexibility, Lily Padz provide enough pressure to actually prevent leakage. The sticky underside lasts about 2 months with proper care, keeping you from having to spend tons of money on new nursing pads! What's great about Lily Padz is that they are virtualy invisible under most clothes, you can wear them while swimming and they can even be used with Lanolin.

Our reviewer was very happy with Lily Padz. She was so excited to try them out and get rid of those bulky disposable pads. She was even able to wear a fantastic black dress for her anniversary dinner out with her husband! What she liked most was that they were so easy to wash and were dry and ready to wear again within minutes. Another favorite part for her was that she was able to sleep without having to wear a bra! Freedom, she said! She did have some trouble with them in the beginning with leakage, and with them being non absorbant...well, you get the picture. Once she got used to them, there were no problems and she has been using them for almost 2 months. Her plan is to buy a new pair and with them being about $30, they won't break the bank!

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