Saturday, May 2, 2009


While reading my monthly Parenting magazine, I came across a rather interesting looking product...the SnugginGo. I immediately found the Web site and began my research!

We all know that it is so hard to keep your little one upright in her car seat, stroller or swing. Most car seats come standard with a head support, but again, we all know that they do not do the job! It is so hard to find something that is comfy for your little one, while keeping them from slouching over. Not only does it look really uncomfortable to be slouched over like that, your little ones airway can be compromised as well.

The SnugginGo provides proper positioning for little one's whole body and keeps them breathing right. The SnugginGo can be used with infants from just 4 lbs up to one year. Of course, Baby G is a bit older than that, so I enlisted one of my favorite Mommy friends to try out the SnugginGo. It was a hit right off the bat! It immediately helped her little one stay upright in her car seat, swing and stroller. Her biggest fear was that her little one was not getting enough air when she was slouched over. The SnugginGo relieved her of that fear. She even used it while changing her little one on the changing table to keep her from rolling over. She received endless compliments and questions about where she got her SnugginGo.

The SnugginGo has been safety tested and fits most car seats, strollers, high chairs and swings. It is made from memory foam and the outside is ultra soft and washable. The SnugginGo has an adjustable shoulder bar that positions behind your little one's shoulder blades, to gently push out their chest and open their airway. The base bar cradles their bottom, providing endless comfort and the side bars support their shoulders to keep them from rolling and slouching. At around $45 it is a very affordable necessity, great for a shower gift. Oh, and it comes in many great colors and patterns!

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