Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby Ktan Sling/Carrier

Wow, reading the testimonials on this baby sling/carrier just reaffirms all the great things I have heard about the Baby Ktan! Our reviewer loved using the Baby Ktan carrier.

This unique sling is made from 100% natural, organic cotton, which you guessed it, means super soft! The Baby Ktan is super comfortable and ergonomically designed, resting on both shoulders with an adjustable back support strap. You can use it in 8 different positions, from birth up to 42 lbs. You can even carry twins it, hands free! How great is that? Our reviewer used it a lot for nursing, her little one loved being it and it gave her privacy. Baby Ktan even offers a matching baby hat and if you like, you can get your sling personalized. They even offer a camoflauge design, which is great for dad. It comes with an instructional DVD or you can view the video online. And don't worry about getting your sling dirty, it is machine washable and dryer safe! The only problem that our reviewer had, was that she felt is was really difficult to figure out. She said it took her forever to get it on properly, however, once she did figure it out, it was very easy to put on.

Take a look at the site. There are a ton of testimonials and they offer comparisons to other slings as well.

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