Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tooth Tissues

It is so easy to let the care of your baby's teeth not take priority. But your child's teeth are very important, even baby teeth. It is crucial to keep these precious little teeth clean and decay free. Teaching your child good oral hygiene at a young age leads to a lifetime of knowing how to care for their teeth.

Tooth tissues were developed by two dentists that were looking for an easier way to clean their child's teeth. Baby bottle tooth decay is on the rise but can so easily be prevented. How many times has your child fallen asleep with their bottle? This milk will sit on their little teeth and cause decay. These tissues make it very easy to wipe their teeth clean, even while they are sleeping. My husband and I use Tooth Tissues everytime our little one has a meal, snack or bottle. They are so easy to use! Tooth Tissues are disposable, textured wipes that remove plaque from teeth and gums. They are infused with xylitol, a natural cavity fighter. They are neutral flavored, 99% natural, sugar free, flouride free and paraben free. With our little one being just over a year old now, we have started to use a soft, dry toothbrush with her. This is very difficult right now! She does not want anything to do with that toothbrush. Tooth Tissues make it easier for us to get her teeth clean, she even helps (and it works even when she is sleeping). Tooth Tissues can be purchased online at the Tooth Tissue site. You can buy a pack of 12 single packs for $4 or a resealable pack of 30 tissues for $6. Very affordable! Your child's teeth are worth it.

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