Sunday, June 28, 2009

Earth Mama Angel Baby

If you are into natural, organic and toxin free products, then Earth Mama Angel Baby is for you. A lot of their products are USDA certified organic.

If you are a Mama-To-Be, then I recommend the Mama-To-Be Tea Sampler. Of course, the teas are organic and as an added bonus, are certified Kosher as well. There are 4 teas that are offered that will help soothe heartburn, nausea, anxiety and those 3rd trimester aches. All four have natural and pleasant flavors you are sure to enjoy. The tea bags are also biodegradable and the box is made from recycled products.

Do you have a fussy baby, or are you the one in need of some relaxation? Try Angel Baby Bath Blossoms, sure to calm your little one and help you relax as well. These bath blossoms are a blend of natural herbs consisting of pure and organic blossoms of calendula, chamomile, rose buds and lavender. These calming blossoms are accompanied by organic lemon balm and oatmeal. These blossoms have a wonderful, yet subtle scent and will leave your little ones skin soft and moisturized. Take the blossoms and fill the provided muslin bag, then let the fussiness fade away. The muslin bag is great if used as a soft wash cloth, even for sensitive skin. I used this baby bath right before bedtime, to calm Baby G. I do, however, wish there wasn't such a messy cleanup. The blossoms do leak out of the bag, which takes a little a extra rinsing of the tub. However, I will take the cleanup over a fussy little one any day!

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