Sunday, August 31, 2008

Classic Stroller Sunshade

With so many families spending so much time outside, protecting your little one from the sun is probably one of the number one things on their minds. With the Classic Stroller Sunshade by Protect a Bub, some of your worry can be alleviated.

This sunshade, easily attaches to the canopy of your stroller and can even remain on when the stroller is folded up. This sunshade has a UPF of 50+ and will protect against 98% of UVA and UVB rays. It is made out of breathable fabric and mesh side vents to promote air circulation. It provides added protection with complete visibility for your little one. Best yet, this product was an iParenting Media Award winner!

Even with the added sunscreen, I felt better knowing that with this sunshade attached to my little ones stroller, she had added protection. We love going to festivals and BBQ's during the summer, but do not want her delicate skin to be harmed by the sun's rays. The Classic Stroller Sunshade by Protect a Bub, helped us out all summer long! The price is not too bad either! You can find this great product at the Protect a Bub site or at one of my favorite sites, Barebabies.

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