Sunday, August 31, 2008

Groovy & Modware by Boon

Every parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle and babysitter knows that getting your little one to pay attention during breakfast, lunch and dinner is, at times, almost impossible. So why not give them their own fun plateware and plasticware! Boon has come up with the perfect solution. The Groovy plate and Modware plasticware are fun, yet functional for your little one.

Groovy is a "just for your little one" sized plate with 2 separate compartments. We all know how each separate food can not touch the other! There are also 2 smaller bowls that attach to the plate in various positions. These are perfect for dipping, which is "oh so fun", or for smaller portions. These smaller bowls slide back and forth and grip to the side perfectly!

Modware plasticware is the perfect size for toddlers. They are designed with no sharp edges and have a soft comfortable grip. Of course, they perfectly match the Groovy plateware too.

Both of these products come in orange or the newer option, pink. Both are competively priced at $13 for the Groovy plateware and $5 for the Modware plasticware. You can buy both directly off the Boon website or they can be found at Babies R Us or Target. Remember, 10% of Boon profit is donated to Children's Charities.

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