Sunday, August 31, 2008

Esfre-Insulated Bottle Tote

This is a great product for parents on the go. The Esfre, Insulated Bottle Tote by Kiddopotamus. This functional, yet stylish tote has double insulation that keeps food and drinks cold for hours. It has the capacity to carry three 9-ounce bottles or four baby food jars. It has a reusable ice pack that conveniently fits into the inner pocket of the tote. The adjustable velcro tab grows with what you put inside, so stuff away! On the back side of the tote is a pocket that you can store your personal items in; money, credit card or license. Best of all, this Insulated Bottle Tote attaches to any stroller with the strap on the back. I even use it to attach it to my diaper bag. It comes in 3 great colors; green, pink and khaki. This tote can be purchased Babies R Us or Target.

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