Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Germ Guardian Nursery Sanitizer

This is a great product. I have been using the Nursery Sanitizer for about a month now and it definitely gives me peace of mind. Whenever I go out with my baby, her toys are always falling on the ground, sitting on the table when we are out to eat and being touched by everyone who picks it up. Wow, that is A LOT of germs. When I get home, I throw all her toys, pacifiers and even bottles/nipples into the Nursery Sanitizer. You simply press a button and it silently goes to work. The only problem, you have to trust that it works...because it is silent and uses no chemicals! I am a believer.

Let's talk facts:
  • It is small and compact, it is currently sitting on my kitchen counter.
  • It kills 99.9% of flu viruses, proven 99.9% effective against germs. It kills germs that cause the following; RSV, Flu & Colds, Pneumonia, ear aches, and diarrhea (E.coli & salmonella).
  • You can place fabric toys in it, the Nursery Sanitizer will not shrink or fade colorful fabrics.
  • You can put plastic and rubber items in the Nursery Sanitizer, it does not melt them.
  • It is safe and natural, it uses dry heat to sanitize...NO CHEMICALS.
  • It automatically turns off when the cycle is over.
  • It is so quiet you will never even know it is on.
There are so many germs out there, why not be safe? Especially if your child attends day care or play groups. It takes seconds to put the toys in the Nursery Sanitizer and turn it on. The cycle lasts about 1/2 hour and when it is finished, your child's toys and bottles are clean and safe. I found this item to be a bit expensive, but, in the long run...so are those doctor's bills! You can find it on the Germ Guardian website for about $70 or at Babies R Us for about $50. I think it is worth it and could definitely be a great baby shower gift!

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