Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trebimbi Puppets Club, Children's Tableware

Is it hard to get your toddler to eat? Are you having a hard time finding safe, fun tableware for your child? Check out this great, BPA free set from Trebimbi, tableware for kids. This set is full of fun, including a plate, fork, knife, spoon, cup and egg/dipping cup. This set from Italy has all interlocking pieces with cute as can be, smiling puppet faces. It almost looks like the silverware pieces are holding hands. Everything then snaps on to the plate and cup for easy serving! There are an array of colorful choices to pick from, which will keep your toddler interested in what's on their plate. The best part, it is polypropylene free, which can be found in a lot of plastic ware for children.

Look for Trebimbi as a featured product in the coming weeks, complete with a discount code!

You can find this great product through the link on my site for Barebabies.

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