Monday, July 20, 2009

Boon Bath Toys

We love Boon bath toys! We already have the Frog Pod, full of toys and "crawling" up our bathroom wall. We have several additions to our toy arsenal!

These great, egg shaped, interchangable bath toys are fun to play with! They fill with water and can be squeezed and sprayed. They are easily cleaned and are dishwasher safe. When we wash Baby G's hair, she fills the Scrubbles and sprays her hair to rinse it!

This floating ring toss, is a great toy to help with coordination, while having fun in the bath. The "target" floats and moves all about, making it challenging and a ton of laughs. Baby G likes to wear the rings around her wrists as bracelets.

Our favorite of all, 3 little floating "bugs" swim around the tub, while your little one scoops them up with the net. How fun! Baby G carries her "bugs" around with her after bathtime too.

What is even better? All these toys can be found at the Boon website for under $10 each!

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Splish splash, toddlers won't take a bath - without their favorite bath toys! ct

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