Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nature's Baby

Nature's Baby is a family owned and operated company and the all natural baby products were developed by a Mom, looking for safe products to use on her daughter's sensitive skin.

I tried the Conditioner and Detangler on Baby G. It is a 70% organic formula made with Organic Aloe, Organic Comfrey, Organic Calendula and Organic Chamomile. You can leave it in, or rinse it out. Either way, your little one's hair will be silky soft and smelling yummy and you can be sure that her sensitive skin will not be irritated. I can't tell you all the gunk that Baby G put's in her hair, and getting a comb through it can be very painful for her. I use the Conditioner in the tub and rinse it out, but on days when I do not wash her hair, I use it as a detangler. It makes her tangles very manageable. I thought that leaving in the Detangler would make her hair look greasy, but it doesn't at all! We love this product.

I also tried out the Face & Body Moisturizer. Nature's Baby certified their own Aloe Farm so they would be sure that the Aloe used in their products would be safe and pure. Not only does Aloe have moisturizing properties, but it also can heal irritated skin. Made with Organic Aloe and Organic Olive Oil, this moisturizer absorbs quickly and locks the moisture in, keeping your little one's skin soft all day. This moisturizer is gentle enough to use everyday.

Visit the Nature's Baby Web site to see all the products offered!

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Stephanie said...

HI. I came to visit from Community of Moms :) This looks great! My daughter is 10 and has LOTS of hair. I might give this a try! Stephanie

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