Friday, October 15, 2010

Wonder Bumpers

There are so many warnings about putting bumpers on your child's crib. Despite all the warnings, most parents still put them on, whether it is to complete the look of the crib or because they want their little one shielded from the hard bars. However, those warnings are real, and Go Mama Go Designs have come up with the perfect alternative...and of course, created by parents and tested out by parents as well.

Wonder Bumpers are here! This great alternative to those old fashioned, pillow-like bumpers can help reduce the risk of SIDS and increase air flow. These Wonder Bumpers are super easy to put on, simply zip 'em up, they are machine washable and they are reversible too! They are extremely plush and there is no need to remove them when the crib turns into a toddler bed. Little G is almost 3 and we put these on her Big Girl bed and she fell instantly in love with them. They gave her bed a new look and brightened up her room.

Go Mama Go Designs have been featured in many magazines, such as Parents magazine and on TV shows all over, such as Fox News & CNN. The list of awards is long and parents can't stop raving!
You can purchase Wonder Bumpers at buy buy Baby, online or in the store.


Nicole Miller said...

The bumpers seem to be a new concept to me!

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Amy0325 said...

I purchased Wonder Bumpers for both of my kids and I am sure happy I did. I read the other day that there were several infant deaths from those old fashioned padded bumpers they sell. These bumpers are safe and leave no room for your infant to suffocate. In addition to that, they are proven to help your baby sleep better. They let a healthy flow of oxygen into the crib and create sound barriers. They helped my kids as well as my friends kids sleep better. As a bonus they also make your infants crib look unique and beautiful!

Announce It! said...

Great idea, I made homemade bumpers back in the day for my little ones.

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