Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nursing Covers-Bebe Au Lait

A solution is out there for all the nursing moms that struggle in public. We all know that it is difficult to juggle a hungry baby and a blanket thrown over your shoulder. It is also no fun to discreetly excuse yourself into the bathroom of a restaurant or at the mall. The solution is Bebe Au Lait, formerly known as Hooter Hiders.

These chic covers, cover it all. They simply slip over your head and have a rigid neckline that provides eye to eye contact. Mom can see baby and baby can see mom. The cover provides enough coverage for even the most modest of moms. These covers come in many stylish patterns to fit anyone's personality. It even comes in silk and organic material.

Our reviewer was skeptical at first, not wanting to nurse in public. At first, she felt that even with the cover, she would be too embarassed. Bebe Au Lait has changed her mind. This is a favorite among the group and all agree that we would use it down the line. Using the Bebe Au Lait nursing covers are definitely better than struggling with a blanket thrown over your shoulder! And it fits perfectly folded up in most diaper bags. For around $35, this is a great investment. These covers were created by a mom, with all moms in mind.

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