Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Unique Blankets, Bibs & Changing Pads

We all know how difficult it is to find a unique blanket or other item for you little one, let alone one that she likes. It seems that every where you go, someone has the same one as you! And they always seem to be so plain too.

Raspberry Peabody offers unique, high quality selections for you to choose from. I was able to try out a super cute blanket and an over-sized changing pad.

My daughter instantly fell in love with the blanket we were sent. She sleeps with it and we also have to bring it with in the car to accompany her in her seat. The blankets are 100% cotton on one side and the softest chenille on the other. It is machine washable and holds up quite well. In fact, it gets softer through washings. The designs to choose from are sure to fit any child's personality. The quality and distinct uniqueness of these blankets are well worth the $50. This would be a great shower gift for any expecting mom.

Raspberry Peabody also has over-sized changing pads. These are so adorable and functional, everyone should have one. They are larger than the other changing pads that accompany diaper bags. They fit all changing tables found in public restrooms. This made me feel a lot more comfortable when changing my little one at the mall or other public place. She wiggles all over the place and you can imagine the germs on those changing tables! You don't have to worry about too much anymore, since these cover the whole table! They are made out of 100% cotton on one side and soft terry on the other. There is even a waterproof liner sewn in. These changing pads can fold or roll up and are secured with a satin ribbon, easily fitting into any diaper bag. The peace of mind that these over-sized changing pads provide, as well as the cute designs, is also well worth the $43.

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