Monday, November 2, 2009


The new HEART2HEART, infant insert has arrived! ERGObaby spent a lot of time working with customer feedback, research studies and infants to come up with the best possible way to carrier your little one...tummy to tummy.

The new HEART2HEART supports your infant's pelvis, hip joint and leg position which takes the pressure off of the unmatured spine. There is extra cushion to support your little ones developing neck and keep them comfy next to you for as long as you like.

Our reviewer was blown away by the new insert. With her first child, she used the original insert with her ERGObaby carrier and was happy with it. However, with her second little one, she got to try out the new HEART2HEART infant insert. Even though she was happy with the original, she felt that the new insert supported her little one more fully and made him more comfortable than before. He was able to sleep and be comfy, with the HEART2HEART that was contoured to fit his little body better. She was able to go about her day with hands free ease, knowing that her little one was safe and comfy, all the while being close to her, strengthening their bond as mother and son.

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