Sunday, October 25, 2009


Did you know that poor indoor air quality is usually attributed to everyday cleaning products that we use? The chemicals are absorbed into the air we breathe everyday! It is normal to assume that the air inside you home is clean, you are not alone in thinking this.

In comes Clean+Green. These are eco-friendly pet cleaning supplies. Clean+Green safely removes pet stains and odors, while not being harmful to you, your children or your pets. These products are made with ingredients that are all natural, 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Clean+Green is non toxic, non flammable, non carcinogenic, won't damage the ozone, VOC free, CFC free and perfume free. Each product is formulated to lift a specific stain and can be used on rugs, carpets, sofas, tile and wood floors.

I have used many cleaning products, having 4 cats, it is very important to be able to lift stains from my couches and my carpet. Clean+Green was able to successfully lift the cat puke stain from my carpet and totally eliminated the urine odor when I sprayed it in the liter box. It was nice to know that I was using a product that wouldn't harm my cats, be safe for my daughter and not create chemicals for us to breathe. Sea-Yu Enterprises, the makers of Clean+Green, offers a full line of products, including a de-skunk spray for dogs! You can buy the items at Walmart, PETCO, Pet Smart and Pet Supplies Plus.

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