Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weleda, Baby Care

I LOVE Weleda.

The Calendula baby skin care line is just what every baby (and Mama) need. Made with Organic Calendula flower extract, this skin care softens and soothes sensitive baby skin. You can find baby cream, diaper cream, face cream, lotion, oil and shampoo & body wash. The Calendula baby skin care is made to calm and nourish baby's skin. We used the shampoo & body wash, which I had in a sample size and later went out and bought the full size. It made Baby G's skin feel soft and smooth, without feeling greasy. We did not even have to use conditioner in her hair, the wash made her hair feel silky and got the tangles out! After her bath, we used the oil, which soaked in rather quickly but locked in the moisture that is so often lost after baths. Weleda also recommends that the oil can be dropped onto a tissue and used during diaper changes. We did not use it for this, instead we used the diaper cream. With the first sign of redness, I would put the diaper cream on, and by the next diaper change, no more redness!

I liked the natural-ness and organic ingredients of Weleda, especially for Baby G. They also have skin care for adults, I am hoping to check those out next!

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