Wednesday, October 7, 2009

All Terrain X3 Sport Single Stroller

Tike Tech was so generous to donate one their All Terrain X3 Sport strollers for My Little Guppie to review. My Little Guppie has never reviewed a jogging stroller with a fixed front wheel before, so we had some research to do!

We found out that the best jogging strollers are the ones with a fixed front wheel (does not turn). The X3 was so easy to push and felt so light weight (the frame is aluminum) while romping over all sorts of trails. We really liked the adjustable handle and the one touch reclining seat. Baby G loves to look all about when we go strolling, but the times she does fall asleep, I like to be able to recline the seat without waking her...the X3 made this task effortless. Baby G seemed to love riding in this stroller-the seat was ultra padded and the suspension made all the bumps seem like nothing. I LOVED how the canopy had a super low drop down to keep the sun out...and it helped with the rain. I did think it was very difficult to get used to lifting the front end up to turn. I have seen several moms and dads running with strollers like this and they make it look so easy. I am not a fan, I would prefer a stroller that gave me the option to either have the fixed front tire or to give it the capability to make turns.

The X3 is car seat and bassinett compatible, making this stroller suitable for infants and toddlers. Coming in 4 colors and moderately priced, we thought the All Terrain X3 stroller was a great product.

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