Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Podee Bottle

A hands free bottle? When I found out about this, I thought this would be wonderful for busy parents! Nothing can beat the bonding experience of being able to feed your little one, however, sometimes, the time to do it is just not there! Whether you are trying to get ready for work or taking a stroll through the mall, the Podee bottle is just the solution.

The BPA free Podee bottle comes complete with an 8 oz bottle and the unique flow system that allows baby to eat at her own pace.

Our reviewer loved using the Podee bottle. It made feedings easier when she was on the go. She also found that the Podee system reduced the amount of ear infections her son got. He was prone to ear infections and the doctor recommended she feed him upright, which as everyone knows, is a bit hard to do. However, with the Podee bottle, it was so easy!

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