Monday, March 1, 2010

Joovy, UltraLight Caboose

The Caboose Ultralight by Joovy has us wishing Spring was here, with warmer weather and more time to take walks through the neighborhood! We couldn't wait to get out this weekend and try it out!
The Caboose can accommodate two children and is car seat compatible. It was super easy to put together, we did it in about 10 minutes. You can either use the front seat for an older child and connect the snack tray or snap on the car seat adapter and it becomes a great ride for your infant. While using the Caboose with a car seat, the back seat can accommodate a toddler in a standing position. Without the car seat, the child in the rear can sit as well. The new 2010 model has some improved features too! It now has 4 wheel suspension, which means a smoother ride for the back seat passenger. There is a 3 position seat recline for the front rider, versus the only 2 positions that were offered in previous models. It does come with a detachable canopy, an over sized basket underneath (which has been made much larger than it was in previous models) and an organizer that attaches to the handle bar that can store your drink, cell phone or keys.
The seats are cushioned and very comfortable for the little ones. It was a bit warmer this weekend, but snow still on the ground and the Joovy Ultralight Caboose maneuvered around, and sometimes through the snow very well. Our favorite feature was how light this stroller was! It beats most double strollers, weighing in at only 21 pounds, it is almost as light as our single stroller! It was super easy to fold up, pick up and stow away in the back of my very tiny Nissan Versa! You can purchase this stroller for under $275, a great deal for an excellent double stroller! You can view all Joovy products at their website.

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