Sunday, April 27, 2008

More Advice

I hated getting advice from people. Now I have turned into one of those people that gives advice when not asked...well, only here!

1. Everyone is tempted to go out and buy yummy smelling baby soaps and lotion. I stocked up on lavender calming bubble bath, shampoo and lotion. Little did I know that my baby would have sensitive skin. Everything I bought made her break out in a rash! All the money I had spent went to waste, which don't get me wrong, was worth the waste if it meant my baby would not have a rash! If you have to baby smelling stuff, buy trial size and test them out. Otherwise, stick with the fragrance free for sensitive skin...with everything!

2. Along the same line...everyone tells you that you have to buy baby laundry detergent. Wrong! That stuff is marketed to smell like a baby. And of course, you want your baby to smell good! However, if your baby has sensitive skin, this stuff is the worst. Grayce goes to a dermatologist because she has baby eczema. She said that the best detergent to buy for your baby is ALL Free & Clear. No scent, no dyes. Do yourself and your baby a favor and don't fall into the marketing trap of baby detergent.

3. Does your baby have gas? Mine did! My lifesaver was Mylicon. It is baby gas relief. Not only did my little one love the pink flavor of it, it worked and helped her be less fussy!

4. Another life is by Homedics, you can buy it at Kohl's. It is a little projector that has three different scenes that flash across your ceiling and plays 8 "tunes"-lullabies, nature, water. When Grayce was first born, this was the only thing that would get her to sleep! My husband and I would joke around and ask eachother if we put her "movie" on! She loved it and I would definitely suggest that you invest in one.

5. My number one advice for any parent. Go organic! Start with the food you feed your baby. If you are doing formula, buy organic...Earth's Best is good-a little clumpy but I would sacrifice that so I can have organic. Same with solids, Earth's Best has a good line of baby food. Better yet, buy a little baby puree'er, they aren't expensive, and make your babies food. It is so easy. Buy some organic veggies-carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, and some organic fruit-apples, bananas, pears and even mangoes. Boil or steam them (except bananas and mangoes), add some formula or the water you boiled in, and puree away! The mangoes and bananas just need some liquid to puree. You can even freeze all this, your little one will love it! It is all natural and yummy. Next go through your household cleaning items, look at all the chemicals in them. Did you know, 6 seconds after you clean with one of these items, traces of the chemicals can be found in every organ and tissue of your babies little body? It is true. It is a bit more expensive, but think of your little ones lungs and the stuff that she is breathing in. I have a good link on my page for organic cleaning products. Check it out.

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Open Season said...

Hello: When you tell people to go organic you are basically telling them that this is a safe choice over Industrial Agriculture. Maybe, but I would be wise to what you think is trully organic or just the word on the box that costs more. The standards for organic food have not yet been fully defined and they will change to include a pissed off farmer who's sales went down and he want's to get in on the action - probabaly republican. Anyway, organic can be good but I still think that we don't know enough about who is inspecting this stuff and inspecting on what standards. If a dairy farmer says he is organic and uses a homemade food mixture instead of hormones - well - makes you go hmmm. Remember when we grew up on basebsll & apple pie? Grandma picked the apples from the tree in the back yard, not a genetically altered plant. Do we know enough about this stuff and how it's grown to feed it to your child? Let's all remember what we grew up on...I dont want to be the first parent whos child dies because I went completely organic and avoided the cautions - Be Smart and a little skeptical about it until it is atleast mainstream safe.
Everychild is different. If not a binkie than a blanket or stuffed animal etc. Most Children will have a security favorite and maybe even two or none at all.
Anyway, you should try omitting from your blog the "Don't Buy This" or "Dont Do That" and stick with what has worked for you and explain why and the benefits you might received from doing one thing over another or using one product from another. Sharing is more rewarding than trying to lead or follow the pack. Good luck with your baby and just think - when you have #2 child you will be an expert, and this my dear will be the payoff for your shortfalls here.
You will eventually realize that sometimes the best advice is no advice. So listen & learn from your baby because they know what they want and are trying to teach you. By the time you figure it out they baby has too. Before you know it he/she will be 1, than 2 than 3 than 4 - oh wait - where did the time go, it was such a blur but it was fun trying & experimenting.

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