Saturday, April 26, 2008

My advice and favorite things

Before I start "testing" products, I thought I would write about some things that I love/hate/can't live without! Everyone has advice for you and of course, you want to be nice and listen to it all. However, most of it just goes in one ear and out the other, at least for me it does. I am going to write this anyways!
1. When I was pregnant, I loaded up on things I thought I would need. One of those was pacifiers. All babies need pacifiers, right? Um, wrong! I have a plethera of binkies, nuks, pacies or whatever you want to call them...and Grayce never wanted them! My advice, buy one newborn pacifier and be done with it. If your kid can't live without it then by all means, stock up.
2. Don't go out and buy "buntings" and for those that don't know what those are (I didn't either), I call them snowsuits. If you are having a winter baby, please refrain. I made the mistake, like I am sure many do, of buying snowsuits, in fact, I bought three. They are so cute, right?! You don't need them! If you put your baby in it you practically have to drive with the air conditioning on so your kid doesn't die of heat exhaustion. When you arrive somewhere, if you baby is sleeping-of cours you don't want to wake them-you need to take them out of the snowsuit so they aren't too hot-good luck doing that without waking much for dinner! And try finding one that fits right. Impossible, they are almost always too big and then you can't get them in the car seat. My advice, but a carrier cover. I don't know what they are called, I call them "her little cocoon." They fit over the carrier and are fleece on the inside. They zip up and cover everything but your little buggers head! This is the best invention ever!
3. Everyone says don't waste your money on the wipe warmer. I say it is not a waste. The first time you use a cold wipe on your baby, you will know it is not a waste...when you get a spray of pee on ya! My advice, buy the warmer...and use it, it is a live saver.
4. If your baby is like mine, her hands will be cold all the time, especially at night. Little mittens are great, however, go one step better. They sell pj's that fold over your little ones hands-like the t-shirts they put on your baby in the hospital. These are wonderful! My advice, stock up on these, they also work great to keep your little one from scratching her face with those razor sharp fingernails.
5. Don't buy all one size of anything. Stock up on various sizes of diapers and clothes. If you buy little by little while you are pregnant, it won't hit you as hard later. When diapers/formula/clothes are on sale, buy them! If you are buying formula or baby food, make sure you check the expiration date. I just bought Grayce a 24M Christmas dress for $1.80 from Kohl's. This is great, and if it doesn't fit, oh well, it was $1!
6. Make sure you buy season appropriate clothes. If your baby is due in the winter, during the summer when you are pregnant, you can buy clothes ahead of time. But do the math...your baby is due in December, so next summer she will be 6M. I got tons of clothes for my shower that were super cute, but size, Grayce was due in November! Come on people.

Well, that is it for now. If this gets any longer no one will want to read it! More advice to come. I have several products that I have received from companies to test out, I am in the process of doing this and will write about them soon.

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