Tuesday, November 25, 2008

GaGa Gourmet

I would like to introduce everyone to a really great company, founded by a mom looking for nutritious food for her little ones. GaGa Gourmet produces great food for your little one, delivered frozen right to your door. This food is all natural and is made from the freshest fruits and veggies around. All the food is steamed, never boiled and then frozen shortly after. This helps ensure that there is no loss of nutrients and creates a fresh flavor for your little one. There is never any sugar or salt added. GaGa Gourmet contains no additives, no preservatives and there are never any fillers added.

When my little one first started to eat solid foods, I made all her food. I wanted her to have the best around. This helped me open her taste buds to food that may not have been available in a jar (such as cantaloupe). Not all parents have the time to make all their little ones food! I went away for the weekend and left Baby G with my best friend. Let me tell you...I spent the entire day before up to my elbows in pureed food, so she would have enough for the weekend. If I would have had GaGa Gourmet then, everything would have been so much easier. You can order the food right online and have it delivered to you, still frozen. You have several choices: First Tastes for 4 months and up for $1.99, First Taste entrees (which combine ingredients) for $2.29 and then there is Foods for the active toddler at $2.49. You may think this is expensive, but I think it is worth it to have fresh and flavorful food for your little one. Did I mention that they are in the process of obtaining their organic certification? Even better!

The containers are food grade containers, microwave safe and dishwasher safe (top rack-so they can be used again).

Some of Baby G's favorites are Vibrant Veggie Trio (the container has 3 rows: 1 of carrots, 1 of broccoli, and one of cauliflower), Remarkable Rice & Beans, Yummy Yogurt Pancakes, Bouncin' Banana Bread Muffins and Freshly Picked Blueberry and Pear Compote. You can check out the GaGa Gourmet site and see the difference between Gerber food and GaGa Gourmet. If you are expecting, visit their site for a free sample delivered to your house 4 months after your due date! I am simply GaGa over GaGa Gourmet!

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