Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Something for Mom-Shape Up Shoes

I am sure everyone has wanted to gain the benefits of working out, without working out every day...right? Shape Up Shoes help you do that. These reverse platform flip flops work your legs and tone your booty as you walk, in just 30 minutes a day. Obviously, these Shape Up Shoes are not a replacement for working out and a proper diet. However, they are great to help you when you miss a couple days at the gym or want to gain a little extra tone while doing what needs to be done. Just wear these great shoes when you are going for a walk or doing chores around the house. They will help increase your balance as well! You many feel silly at first, like I did, but let me tell ya-the first time I wore these shoes, my calves were burning! They really work, so no matter how silly I felt, you can bet I put these Shape Up Shoes on every time I took my little one for a walk! They come in a handful of great colors and all sizes, you can order them for $39.99 in a sandal, $60 in a clog or $80 in a boot. I have taken an exerpt from the site, they list the benefits the best!

Benefits- Increase leg strength.- Lengthen muscles.- Help prevent injury.- Ease
pain from plantar fasciitis naturally.- Greatly improve circulation in the legs
and feet, reducing swelling.- Cut exercise time in half.- Help you burn calories
and lose weight (with proper diet).- Improve posture and lessen low back pain
naturally.- Greatly improve balance and inner core strength, improving back
health.- Create healthy looking lower extremities.- Exercise your lower body
while you are doing everyday activities.- Can be worn any time, any place
(except sandals and boots in wet weather or while driving).- Inexpensive.- Make
exercise enjoyable and affordable.- Increase your health awareness.- Allow you
to exercise when you don't have the time.

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