Sunday, November 23, 2008

Zoobies Are Here!

I love this 3 in 1 animal! My daughter has Mashaka the Monkey. He is a plush, lovable monkey-a comfy pillow-and a snuggly blanket all in one. Zoobies are definitely moving in as your little ones favorite toy and blankey! Mashaka is a great friend for my little one to play with and when playtime is over, he becomes a pillow or blanket to snuggle with. The stuffed animal unfolds to be a pillow, the pillow unzips to become a blanket. And you don't need to follow any directions to get that blanket back in the stuffed animal. Just fold it up and stuff it in, very simple. The blanket is quite large, made of coral fleece and is machine washable. Zoobies have won the iParenting Award and the Top Toy Award of 2007. There are two collections, the Zoo collection and the Safari Collection, both offering many animals to choose from. They even have baby Zoobies that are tad bit smaller than their grown-up counterpart. The babies can be found for $25 and the grown-ups for $35. At first, I thought this was a bit expensive,however, when I thought about it, I feel it is a deal! You are getting a great stuffed animal, a pillow and a blanket. These Zoobies are great for the home, but would be even better for travel-there is no need to pack 3 things when you have all 3 in 1!

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