Friday, November 7, 2008

A stylish and functional umbrella stroller

It has always been a complaint of mine that the handles on umbrella strollers are so low, you have to hunch down to push it! Why should we have to get back aches just from taking a walk with our little ones? Well, no more back aches here, the Trip, by Inglesina has handles that are tall enough for anyone to push without having to hunch over.

The Trip is great all around. The handle are soft touch and the stroller is ultra light, with its aluminum frame. Even with it being lightweight, does not mean it can't hold the weight! This stroller will hold a child from 6 months up to 45 lbs. It comes standard with a cup a holder, adjustable footrest, waterproof canopy and shopping basket underneath (quite large in fact). The umbrella stroller has a 4 position reclinable backrest, which most umbrella strollers do not have.

I am so happy to have the Trip by Inglesina, it folds and unfolds so easily I use it when running errands. It is great to throw in the trunk for those quick runs and is sturdy enough to use as your everyday stroller for walks! The only problem I ran into was that the front wheels seem to shake a bit when they were not in their locked position. This did not pose much of a problem, I just kept them locked, which did not have much effect on the turning capabilities. For a little over $100 this is a great investment.

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