Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Sensa Journey

Good news to all those parents out there that want to lose some stubborn pounds! You can follow me through my 2 month journey with Sensa, Weight Loss System.

Let me give you a bit of background information! Sensa was created by Dr. Alan Hirsch, who is renowned for his 25 years of reserch on the science of taste and smell. Dr. Hirsch, while serving as the Neurological Director of the Smell & Taste Treatment & Research Foundation in Chicago, discovered a link between olfactory senses and weight loss. Dr. Hirsch and his team tested more than 4,000 Tastant combinations, and today these patent-pending Tastants are available to you!

Sensa contains no stimulants, no sodium, no sugar, no calories, no gluten and no MSG. It needs to be used every day and sprinkled on everything you eat. Sensa will curb your appetite and you will lose weight without feeling deprived. Anyone can use Sensa and you don't need to restrict your diet (however, they do recommend that you eat sensibly).

I am hoping to lose 25 pounds through my 2 month journey. I will note how I feel and how my eating habits have changed, as well as how much weight I lose. Wish me luck!

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