Monday, September 28, 2009

Classy Kids-Keeping the Germs Out

I am a huge fan of the Classy Kid, Clean & Green line of children's items.

Keep Me Coloring Germ Defense Placemats:

These placemats are the best I have found so far. They stick to pretty much any table and when removed, do not harm the table. You can even wrap it around the edge of the table. The mats are waterproof but are still easy to color on. They come with triangular shaped crayons that do not roll. Best of all, they are made out of environmentally degradable calcium material. They also come in fun patterns that any kid would love.

Keep Me Clean Disposable Bibs:

These bibs did not live up to what I expected. Granted these are soft, degradable and waterproof, I don't think they can stand up to a toddler's hands! My little one ripped hers off each and every time. If you have a child that loves to wear bibs, then this is the product for you, otherwise, I would save my money.

Public Potty Protectors:

I love, love, love these! What a great idea for your little one, who always seems to have to go when you are in the dirtiest of places. These protectors are extra large, covering the sides of the toilet seat and the front. The material is soft, waterproof and of course, environmentally friendly. The package is small enough to fit into your diaper bag as well.

Classy Kid also offers disposable changing table covers and diaper sacks in the Clean & Green line. Check out the Classy Kid site to see all the other great products offered.

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