Monday, May 12, 2008

Baby Bjorn Synergy Carrier

I recently received an infant carrier from Baby Bjorn-the model is called Synergy. I have been using it for about a month now and I really like it, Grayce seems to like it too!

I found several pros to this item with only a few cons.


It is very pricey, retailing for $159.99. However, if you are out and about a lot, it is definitely worth the price!

It comes in black and white. I received the white version of it and I think that the color is just not practical. It is washable though. I would like to see a larger variety of colors.

My husband and I both found it extremely difficult to figure out how to put it on and fasten all the straps correctly. It took us about a half hour trying to figure it out. It does come with insturctions, however, they are not very easy to follow. Once we figured it out, every time got easier.


This carrier is breathable! It is made of a soft, breathable 3D mesh. My baby never seemed to get hot and uncomfortable in it. The same goes for me, usually with these type of carriers you get hot and sweaty and all around uncomfortable. Not with the Baby Bjorn Synergy! We both stayed cool, even as we were walking or just doing housework.

There is a lower back support attached to this carrier as well as padded shoulder straps. I felt that it did provide maximum support for me while carrying my 15lb baby-you can carry up to 26lbs in Baby Bjorn Synergy carrier! My shoulders never hurt while using this carrier, even after our 2 hour walks through the forest.

It is extremely adjustable. It was very easy to switch users. My husband and I both used this carrier and never had a problem with the fit.

I thought one of the best features was that the front is removable. It is very easy to put baby in and take out. If your baby falls asleep while in this carrier, you can simply remove the front and ease her into her crib or car seat without having to lift her up and wake her.

Of course, a great feature to this was that it is machine washable. With it being white, we washed it a lot. It never lost its shape and did not shrink. It did not become dingy either.

Overall, this is a great product. Easy to travel with and great for you and baby to stay close while still being active. I would recommend Baby Bjorn Synergy Carrier and will definitely be sharing it with my friends!

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