Sunday, May 25, 2008

Summer Infant Grooming Kit

Ever want to have all your babies grooming needs in one little kit? Well, then this is the product for you. Summer Infant has come out with a brand new product called Baby's Health & Grooming Kit.

This kit has it all! It includes a comb, brush, nail clippers, emery boards, a nasal aspirator, digital thermometer, a medicine spoon & dropper, alcohol swabs and an emergency info card-all together in a great little hard case. The case holds everything in its own little compartment and is very easy to open and close.

I found the Baby's Health & Grooming Kit to be very helpful.

1. I love the comb because it has a big handle and is easy to hold. Most combs I find for baby are so tiny that I have a hard time holding it. It was great to get the tangles out of the hair on the back of Grayce's head, since she rolls around and creates what my mom calls "cotton candy" hair.

2. The brush was great to smooth down any fly aways and seemed to make Grayce's hair super silky and smooth.

3. The nail clippers were great too. I am not a big fan of the safety clippers for baby because you really can not see what you are doing. I have been using plain old clippers until I got the Baby's Health & Grooming Kit by Summer Infant. The act as regular clippers, you can actually see what you are doing. But they also have larger "handles" so big adult fingers can hold them easily. I have never had a problem with these clippers clipping too close or cutting babies skin.

4. I was not a big fan of the emery boards. They worked great on my finger nails though! They were a little too rough for Grayce's tiny, thin nails. I think the idea of emery boards is great, sometimes babies nails are too short to cut but still sharp. However, these did not work so well.

5. I found the nasal aspirator to be a little too big for Grayce's nostrils. However, when she gets older I really think this will be great to have.

6. The digital thermometer worked really well. I found it to be really accurate and very easy to use.

7. I loved the medicine spoon and dropper. Even though most medicines come with these things, using your own makes it much easier to wash. I found the measurements to be very accurate. The dropper works great and when your baby is old enough for spoons, it was easy to use and did not get medicine all over the place.

8. Summer Infant included in this kit alcohol swabs. I never had to use them but they would definitely come in handy when you need to clean a cut or something. Doctor's go both ways on this, when Grayce was born they told me to use alcohol swabs to clean her belly button, my friends doctor told her not to. So, whatever you decide to do, if you need the alcohol swabs, you have them right in your Baby's Health & Grooming Kit.

9. Finally, your kit includes an emergency info card, which everyone could use. It included spots for all the important information. I would not keep it in the kit but probably put it on my fridge or some place else that was more accessible.

I would definitely recommend Baby's Health & Grooming Kit by Summer Infant.

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