Monday, May 19, 2008

Green Festival

This weekend was Green Festival at Navy Pier in Chicago. There are several more in larger cities, so check out the website. Green Festival is a "forum to explore and build sustainable solutions for our communities and the environment." This festival is all about education. You will find environmental speakers, eco-fashion, non-profit groups and green companies. There is an entire section on the green baby, called the green kids zone. I found this event to be really helpful in finding ways to live a better, healthier life. Not to mention all the awesome samples being handed out and all the yummy organic food to taste. If you are raising a baby, or even if you're not, this is the fest for you. One great product that I sampled is a stain eraser. You can find it at It is all natural, non toxic and biodegradable. I actually used it on my carpet to remove some sort of unidentifiable stain. It worked great, and I don't have to worry about my pets or my baby getting the chemicals on their paws or hands! I have also been corresponding with Dori, founder of the first midwest organic baby food company Maddy's Organic Meals and even though I did not get to meet her, my daughter was able to sample some her all organic baby food. I sampled it too :) Grayce and I loved it and can't wait to order some.

Bottom line, check it out and if you have a chance to attend an upcoming Green Festival, definitely go!

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